The Angelics

Kekkei Genkai
Kashoku no Amatsukami (Bright Light of Legendary Gods)

Note: Before you even think of joining the clan, note that all members of this clan are essentially meant to start out fresh. Some may have many, weaker abilities...others might have one or two, really strong abilities...but no one is going to start out with a god-like character.

In general, they deal with the concept of light. This isn't just the physical concept of it, but also the metaphorical idea of light. However, it isn't broken down into stages so much as it is broken down into unique, separate entities, in a sense. It's also no solely focused on the manipulation of light.

Light Manipulation
In its most basic idea, light manipulation is simply the creation and the control of light particles. This can be used for many different purposes, and result in many different things.
A more complex concept is the metaphorical sense. Lightness is not just the rays from the sun or the glow of the moon. It cleanses impurities. It finds paths through the darkness. It mends what is broken.
However, it does not do anything on its own. All light abilities are created through techniques.

Tenshi are known to be full angels. They are said to be the purest of angels and their abilities show this. They are well-rounded fighters and have a variety of abilities. They don't tend to focus in only a few areas, and try to use their variety to their advantage, so they're prepared for anything. That's not to say that all are identical though.
Tenshi are born with moderate aptitude in four five different categories, and have three, amazingly-heightened, passive abilities.

The Nephilim are deemed as half-human, half-angel. This relates to their slightly different appearance (explained later). They are the specialists of the clan, generally focusing on one or two...maybe three categories.
Nephilim are born with great aptitude in a few categories, and most have a few, decent-in-strength, passive abilities.

The Seijin are the outcasts of the clan, in a sense. They aren't thrown away, and most of the angelics still view them just as any other angelic, but they are the closest to humans.
Despite being unholy and more human-like, their potential is not to be underestimated. Most of their passive abilities are very high in aptitude, but they don't have the ability to use clan techniques or the light element, thus making them more human than anything else.

Focuses are generally related to different versions of shinobi techniques, such as ninjutsu, genjutsu, etc. They can also feature the creation of new elements by adding the light element into ordinary elements in order to make them superior.
These are completely custom, and all depend on the specific character, although I am willing to help you with coming up with ideas and whatnot.
The lower the ranks you choose, the more you get.
Tenshi: They can start out with four or five D/C/B ranks in varied categories.
Nephilim: They can start out with B/A ranks in two or three varied categories.
Seijin: They may not start out with any focused abilities.

Categories include, but are not limited to: Ninjutsu, Elemental Ninjutsu (two per category, three if a Seijin, since they don't have Light Element), Medical Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Kenjutsu, Juinjutsu, Unique Element (one per category).
Note: A high-ranking category doesn't mean you have to have a single, high-ranked technique. You could still branch it out into smaller-ranked techniques.

Passive Abilities
Passive abilities generally relate to the five senses, but can practically be anything, such as increased speed, endurance, strength, etc.
Again, the higher the rank, the lower the amount.
Tenshi: They can have three, B/A/S Ranks.
Nephilim: They can have three or four E/D/C Ranks.
Seijin: They can have up to six B/A/S Ranks.

Ascension is a term used when an angelic fulfills their prophecy, in a sense, which gives them a massive boost in abilities (see other section).

Clan Techniques
None, all are unique to specific characters.

Join Conditions
Send BJW81_RawR a message with details on what you have planned for your character. An RP sample isn't necessary, but it is welcomed. Be sure to read the entire thread before attempting to make a character.

First Generation
Clan Leader: Shugotenshi (NPC)

Second Generation
??? (BJW81_RawR)

Note: Some of this may not make sense until you read the "Other" section.
The Angelic Clan, if you will, has been born in very recent times. Not even a single generation of their kind has died yet, and the second generation is the only one close to being ready. To be more clear, there is only one member of the first generation, and while further generations exist, that does not mean they are yet prepared to see the light of the outside world.

So far, the leader of this clan has kept his children in isolation, personally teaching them and exposing them to rigorous training. The same is done for every member of this clan, and none of them are released into the wild individually. No. Until an entire generation of angelics are prepared, not one of them shall embrace life on their own.

It's not so much of a clan as it is a separate race of human-esque creatures. There are key differences that will be explained further in this thread that clearly demonstrate that it's not appropriate to call them humans. At the same time, there are also key aspects that make similar to humans.


Leader of the Clan.