I only have to take two exams for this semester: Bible and Spanish. I was told that my Spanish exam was going to be easy, because she (the Spanish teacher) originally didn't plan on giving us one at all, but she's required to. See, we took graduation tests this year. If you passed a test in the highest echelon in say... history, you wouldn't have to take the exam for that subject. If you passed all of the tests in the highest echelon, then you wouldn't have to take any of them. That happened to me and my sister, even though we were absolutely positive that we failed the social studies and science portions of the test. Also, I turned in my history project today, and presented my Bible project and got an A. My stress is all but gone. I've just got a persuasive essay, and that's not too hard at all. I can feel summer! Oh! It was the Spanish teacher's, the Biology teacher's, and one of the lunch lady's birthday today! My biology teacher turned twenty-four. He's a month months younger than my oldest brother!