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Kaoru and I
Just some of Kaoru's and I's adventures~
Hikaru opened his eyes slowly to the bright morning light that was streaming through their window. "Ughhh..." He groaned and rolled over, burying himself back under the covers. "Ugh... Tired... What time is it...' Hikaru poked his head outside the covers and looked at the clock. 7:16. He sat up and rubbed his eye. "Time to get up..."

Kaoru stirred under the covers next to him. He whined and pulled the covers over his head. Hikaru pulled the covers back and Kaoru shivered, opening his eyes. Hikaru got up and started getting dressed for the day, as he was buttoning his uniform shirt he turned back to look at Kaoru, who was now sitting up. "Aghh..." He leaned down and rested his head in his hands. "Can I stay home today?"

"What's wrong, are you sick?" Hikaru asked as he turned back, tying his tie. "I hurt..." His twin groaned. Hikaru turned back to him as he was sliding his blazer on. He squinted at him. "Really?" He made his way over and grabbed Kaoru's arm, pulling him out of bed. Kaoru reluctantly stood and winced, he then sunk to the floor. Hikaru laughed. "You really can't move?" It wasn't really that funny, but it was still kind of cute Hikaru thought. Kaoru clung to Hikaru's leg and looked up at him pleadingly. "Now you have to carry me." His eyes sparkled mischievously. Hikaru grinned and leaned down. "If you want, Kao-ru~" He poked his forehead lightly and moved away, getting Kaoru's uniform.

Hikaru walked to school with Kaoru on his back. "Ughh... You're kinda heavy." Hikaru moaned after he'd been carrying him for a while. "I didn't think you'd actually make me carry you." He sighed softly.
"Well it's your fault..." Kaoru poked his brother's cheek a few times.
"Do you expect me to carry you around school too? What's going to be your excuse for why I'm carrying you?" He continued walking, seeing the massive school come into sight.
"Ummm..." Kaoru thought for a moment, looking up at the sky. It was a clear day, the sun warm on his skin. "I sprained my ankle and ummm.... Yes you have to carry me everywhere~" He smiled and clung to Hikaru's neck tighter.

Hikaru sighed again as he trudged along. Even if it was kind of a pain to have to carry his brother around all day, it made him happy. As they were arriving at the gates, Tamaki turned to look at them. He was surrounded by his usual group of girls next to Haruhi. Tamaki came running over, his blonde hair shining bright in the sunlight. "Kaoru! What happened? Are you ok?" Haruhi arrived a few moments later besides the blonde. "Kaoru?"
Kaoru rubbed the back of his head. "Ahh... It's nothing, I just hurt my foot yesterday."
"So he's making me carry him." Hikaru said in feigned annoyance. Suddenly the bell tower tolled.
"Well, I hope it doesn't interfere with your host duties today." Tamaki smiled as he turned to leave.
After that, Hikaru began walking again next to Haruhi as they made their way to class together. As they got closer, Hikaru started to shake. "Can't hold out much longer..."
"Hikaru?" Haruhi turned to look at him with a curious expression. He took off running into the classroom and quickly dropped Kaoru into his desk. He lay against his own desk panting. "You need to lose some weight... I thought I was going to die..."
Kaoru stuck out his tongue at his twin. "I'm fine~ You need to get stronger~"
Hikaru rolled into the seat next to him and lay his head on the desk, feeling exhausted after carrying his brother for so long. "Shut up..."
The bell tolled again as the teacher made his way into the classroom.

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Naoto P Hitachiin
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Jun 24, 2013 @ 08:27pm
hmhmhm that is how I think in situations when carrying things, ''I just need to get stronger'' tho, I am insulted when I can carry things that someone my size should be struggling with -_-. all this reading on carrying has gotten me thinking of something


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