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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
Forget It
It's a crime, you let it happen to me...
Never mind, I'll let it happen to you
Out of mind, forget it
There's nothing to lose, but my mind and all the things I wanted

You go through the worst times in your life, and then you suffer for months and months, if feels never ending. I thought she was the one who saved me, but she didn't! They all saved me, all of them... Zion, Hakiro, Hannie, Key, Blood, Maya, and the list goes on and on. Every night, it was the worst, I came online, I went to TinierMe and I had my online friends to keep me company when I was awake with insomnia. They were all amazing people, but all of those people are gone now. I though she saved me and gave me a reason to live, I thought that she was the perfect person I had searched for, but she was just like everyone else. All my life, I had always dreamed of finding the perfect person, and why did I think it was her? Was it just because of the way she treated me? She had a dangerous attitude, she teased and attracted me, why did I fall for that? I want nothing to do with that, I never did, but apparently she attracted me so much that my mind was poisoned into thinking that she was the one. The pure girl, unlike the rest of the trash that we call people. I always wanted a pure, clean girl that was all mine, untouched by filthy whores, a girl who I would love and cherish. I wasted way too much time on the wrong one, I wasted a year on her to find out she was lying to me the whole time, running around with her boyfriends, doing God knows what.
I just sat there and I felt the pain, I felt all my love for her from this last year burn to the ground, all those memories, all the pain I went through with her, everything, I watched it all go by in a split second, all of it was over. I've never felt anything so painful in my entire life. I wanted her to be that girl... I tried to force my mind to accept her as "the girl", but she's just one of them. What can I do? All these painful memories, I wanted to spend the rest of my life on her, I have been preparing to spend the rest of my life on her for an entire year.
It's been nothing but pain, but I always said I'd get through it... but now, the time has come. After I saw what I saw, it's over, I can't live with it. After seeing that, all I can do is put all of these memories away... all I can do is forget it... 2012, what I had called the best year of my life, it was all lies, it's time to put the lies away and move on... I've never felt such pain before in my life, I wanted to live with her and marry her and be with her forever, and now... now it's just time to put all of those memories away... just forget her, forget all those times, forget it.
Forget it, they're just memories... the best ones of my life, but just memories...

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commentCommented on: Mon May 13, 2013 @ 11:53pm
There are seven billion people on this planet, and if I could, I'd wade through the whole of them to come and give you a hug. We're still young and still have much to see and to do. You are doing well. You are strong, You know not to let one rotten egg spoil the rest. Be you. Continue on and persevere. I believe in you, moonsnowmouse, whomever you may really be. I want you to know that there are people out there who are pure and live lives that don't involve the dirty, messing around and the emotional hurt. But you already know this. I can tell you're bright. And I know that one day, you can look back on this and see what you have overcome.
Nothing is impossible, for the bad, and for the good.

commentCommented on: Fri May 17, 2013 @ 12:07am
No one HAS to read this. It wasn't one of the ones that I asked people to read through my status... =[

Great One Nero
Community Member
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