So, I got a 92% on the history test that I thought I botched. That was a nice surprise! Also, the history project wasn't so bad. I mean, I doubt I'll get a very good grade, but it wasn't as hard as I originally thought. I'm presenting my Bible project tomorrow first period. I'm a little nervous, but not too much. At the moment, I'm listening to remixed Majora's Mask music. The video is called "Theophany - Time's End - Majora's Mask Remixed." I love all the music. I highly recommend it. Oh! The Once Upon a Time season finale was yesterday! It was really good, in my opinion. Not devastating, like the preview said it would be, but I suppose that's a good thing. Although, it made me feel sad quite a few times... I could say a lot about the episode, actually, but I'll just leave it at that. It really sucks that I have to wait all summer to see a new episode.