Well I am back again, just chilling of course. Still working my shitty job at Dairy Queen, but what are you gonna do? I had made a bunch of lovely new friends on Gaia, but none of these jerks are ever on, and even if they are they're busy playing some stupid video game. Jeesh loueesh! My tenth year high school reunion is in like two weeks... Still debating on going, I mean.. Ever since I got out my career has spiraled down and hit rock bottom v.v So I'm still iffy on that ship.

I had super awesome good luck monday, or was it tuesday... Hmm, anyways I got a couple scratch tickets, the cross word one, and I won fifty bucks!! That money is of course gone now, on a meal, but it was fun to actually win something! Muahahaha! I'm sooo lucky, or not... Just cursed and kharma finally threw me a bone.

I wish I had more friends to hang out with irl, everybody is just always so busy, with their jobs. they are a bunch of tools, going to college, getting into super big debt, then working at the same type of job I'm doing. Muahahahah, foolish fools!

Well that's my major update... Sort've Gothica out, Goddess be with you.