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A Little Boy's Hideout

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A Tribute to Lawrence
So today, May 13, 2013, at approximately 5:30pm, our "dog" (because technically he's not ours), Lawrence, died due to a road accident. He was accidentally ran over by a passing motorcycle while my sister was trying to check out a dog by another neighbor. While she was crossing the street, Lawrence (like the little stalker that he is) followed my sister and well, a motorcycle accidentally ran him over. He barely survived the accident, taking a hit in the stomach area. But the injury was far greater than expected. After a few barfs and a seizure, Lawrence stopped breathing, glancing my sister's eyes one last time to say goodbye.


I've never had a dog before. Ever since I was a kid, I was not allowed to have a dog due to asthma. Dog hair, saliva, and anything else dog supposedly caused an allergic reaction (supposedly because I never got to try it lol). Over the years though through therapy and overall natural health improvement, my allergies lessened and almost vanished but we still didn't get a dog due to the responsibilities it entails and our unpreparedness for such event.

Then a year ago, our neighbor downstairs bought 2 dogs, which bred and reproduced quite well. For their first batch of puppies, they had 3 I think. Two of them died, but the last one survived. The neighbor named him Lawrence because he apparently looked like her classmate (don't ask the logic of this, I don't get it either sweatdrop ).

Lawrence was a free dog. And by free, I mean he wasn't caged like his parents. He was free to roam around our garden and the streets. His owners took good care of him although they are not usually at home most of the time. Their helpers don't like Lawrence though, most probably because he was a disturbance. His playful and free nature bothered them during chores, like wading through the trash (a favorite hobby of his) or just blocking them when their going somewhere. Lawrence was a free spirit, generally friendly to the people close to him.

He was even known to befriend my other neighbors. One time, my sisters actually didn't like Lawrence because he was staying too much at the house of one of our neighbors. My sister even thought he was gone and cried a lot, only to know that he stayed at our neighbor's house. Eventually though, he came back to our home.

In the end, my sisters really befriended Lawrence. Mikka, the general animal lover of the house, started feeding Lawrence everyday when she was at home. On the other hand, Yssa, who was at home for the year, would feed, take care and play with Lawrence. Over time, Lawrence was almost like family to them. He was allowed to enter and stay inside our home, partake in the meals we ate and was a general friend to the family. He barked at strangers who entered our house, (although he was a coward, barking and backing away at the same time), was present during our mealtimes and was groomed and taken care of by my sisters.


I first met him during the sem break of October 2012. My first impression of him: a stinky, dirty dog. I guess it was because of his shaggy fur, which I have come to love by the way. He was quite friendly though and was playful. While I was playing computer games, he would sometimes pass by my feet, which shocked me because that never happened at home (unless it was a roach, rat or lizard but still, chances are abysmally low). When we ate, he was beside me or rather, my sister beside me, because he was waiting for the food. When we entered the bedroom and turned on the aircon, he was also there, wanting to sleep and cool off (though Mommy never allowed it due to his fleas).

Slowly though, I was warming up to him. I have wanted a dog ever since and well, this was a chance for me. He's not ours but with the way he's living in our house, he might as well be. I started buying food for him (Dentastix. He loves them), walking him (though not far) and petting him. I also wanted him to stay in our bedroom and sometimes allowed him to, at the expense of my mother's rage haha.

I remember this one time, when we decided to go to the mall. Lawrence was a known stalker and follower so we had to plan how we would leave him at home. After walking a long distance, going over blocks and blocks and separating at cross roads, Lawrence still followed us. Eventually, we decided to leave him at a block and ride a tricycle to the main highway, hoping that he would come back home safe. While we were at the mall though, I was worried the whole time because I was thinking of the many possibilities that could've happened. We got back home soon though just to make sure he's there and true enough, when we were walking to our door, he was pawing us with glee. Ouch at his claws but cute gesture and paws though haha. To avoid this situation from happening again, we talked to our neighbor and asked them to keep him at their home when we went to the mall.

When sem break was ending, while packing our things in the taxi, I remember him waiting at the driveway while our taxi drove away. I was actually sad that I had to go and leave him there. I just realized how much I loved him back then. From November to December, I was missing him a lot and was more obsessed from him (yeah, absence makes the heart grow fonder). Our laptop's background was his picture and we skype-ed every now and then just to see him.

December finally arrived. I was excited to go home because I get to see Lawrence again, but I wasn't aware that it was a bad time for him. Apparently, one of his later siblings, Sugar, was ran over by a car recently. Lawrence was caged for a few days by his owner to avoid such accidents. The real depressing part though was his sadness, because he was so, so down. His whines and cries emanated sadness. We couldn't even get him to look at us. His physical state reflected his inside: dirty, a mess and depressed. My sister then asked the neighbors if she could play with him, and they allowed her. When Lawrence was released from his cage, we found that not only was he dirty and depressed, he had some infection around his eye which he kept scratching. We later gave him a bath and some food. After a few days, we was almost back to his normal self.

The next days are a blur to me now. All I remember was that when I was not playing RO (because I was soo addicted to it at that time), I was with him playing, walking, feeding or just scratching his fur. I remembered this one time though, when he peed in our bedroom because my sisters wouldn't let him out. And this one time wherein I was feeding him cheese and training him to get it from my hands through jumping/standing. I guess it was too much because he barfed after the session. Oh, and a few nights after, he barfed again (from the cheese, I think) but this time, it was caught on camera.

Oh, I also remember this time when I was going to fetch my dad from work. It was a rainy day, and as usual, Lawrence followed me when I walked out of the house to get a taxi. I got far again, around 3 big blocks away from home. When a taxi finally arrived, I just left him there at the corner. He was looking at me and I was looking at him too but sadly, I couldn't take him in this ride. I was nervous again because the dogs from the previous blocks we passed through barked at him, scaring him but given that he's a smart dog, he got home safely again.


After Christmas break, I only got to see Lawrence through Skype. He was growing a lot bigger (though not that big) and fluffier too. He met our new, own dog named Oliver (Ollie for short), which he didn't like at first. They did become friends though (after quite a long time), with Ollie imitating him a lot. Although Mom said that Lawrence was annoyed at Ollie due to his constant desire to play, I think they really bonded. But back to Lawrence, I think was quite happy and content these past months. With a new playmate, really attentive owners and good food (because he has been eating and drinking Ollie's food), I can assume he was happiest during these times.

And now, with his passing away, I am actually sad. Though it may not yet be sinking in now, as I process a lot of things gradually, I can say that now, I am most heartbroken over this. Although he wasn't officially ours, Lawrence was, and will be, my first dog. Yes I might not have bonded that much with him compared to my sisters, but he was always there when I was at home. During those times that I was just so mad at the world, when I was so sad about all the things in my life, when I was just happy to be at home, he was there. He can't talk and yet, I always believed he understood me. Crazy, right? But yeah, I liked thinking that he did.

So now, I would like to say thanks. I thank you, Lawrence the Dog, for choosing us as your owners haha. Thank you for spending time with us. I've never had a dog before, but you made it seem that I had one ever since. For those times you followed us, ate from and licked my fingers and peed in our floor to the times you went crazy in the morning when you entered our house and cause early morning rages and rants, I thank you for giving us a part of your life. I hope you get reincarnated in another dog and stay with us again.

Rest in peace now, buddy.

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