PE and M3 paper 2 was kin of easy I guess. But science I think it was a bit hard. My mind was a bit blurry on some of the questions. I can't believe I got 26 over 40. I mean.......,I think I have to work hard on my second paper or not, I won't be getting an A. All of my class was freaked out just because of their results getting only 28 and below. Some of them got 20 and below. I don't know if the second paper is going to be hard or not, but I think I'm going to do my best to past this subject. Because of the way teacher teach us, science is just no fun anymore. It's like he doesn't care about others in class. For some reason, I got the feeling that he is just choosing his favourites. I mean, he kept looking at the same students and not the whole class. His teaching skills...... well, I think it's a bit low. It's like he doesn't even care if we make it or not. Are we that genius? Seriously..... rolleyes How can others students want to learn the subject if non of them are paying attention. He's not even strict. I think I like my primary teacher more than in my secondary school. I am totally going to be really stressed out this week.... sweatdrop