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This avi, or OC Canus werewolf, or wolf forms

( Request Thread )
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OC Canus Reference sheet , Alternate costume concept , back

I'm hoping to get a few pictures for "sig candy" (art to show off in my signature) of the above avatar as an anthro wolf/werewolf, a more direct interpretation of the avi, or the wolf or werewolf form of the character the avatar is based on. For the avatar version, artistic license is totally fine, especially if it makes the avatar look more like a living creature and less like a jumble of mismatched costume parts. I'm interested in almost anything from Headshot to full body, sketch to finished. Poses/expressions should at least loosely fit with the personality info on the ref sheet. Images should be able to be resized to fit into an approximately 300x500 space and still be relatively clear.

future ideas:

-Once I have final clothing designs for the character, I've been thinking I wat to do/have done a Suikoden style full body/headshot art done, since that was the character's original inspiration. Examples: X or X


OC Adrian Humanoid or Beast forms
Beast form ref sheet , Cub(wrong wing color), Adult , Beast+Humanoid, Child (wrong wing color), sketchref1 , sketchref2 , Rough headshots

Adrian is my favorite character to draw. He was designed mostly to be eye-candy. Despite the number of images, I don't have any great references, sorry! Most markings can be carried over from the beast form ref sheet. Minor differences can be easily chalked up to him being a superfluous shape-shifter. There's a lot of variations that would be totally ok- markings, wing size/presence, minor color changes, ect can be done somewhat to your taste since my references are inconsistent and rough. You can also choose from a few "versions" of the character.

Child: 8-12ish yrs old, shorter, healthy, physically active, cute, confident, impish, happy.

Youth: 15-20ish yrs old. Taller and leaner, more muscular, broody, temperamental, usually has a sour expression.

Youth B: Mostly the same as above, but thinner, more angular, hair longer, scraggly and more unkempt - more lank maybe? Longer claws/horns, more creepy or gloomy


Semi-realistic Jolteon/Avatar
This is my other favorite avatar, a semi-realistic cosplay of the Pokemon Jolteon. Another sig candy request, same size/ratio as the first. No pose or personality requirements. Like the other, it can be more like the pokemon, or more like the avi, but preferably more like a creature than a costumed person. "Gijinka" might be ok, too.

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My Art So Far(Aka, ideas):
X , X , X , X, X , X


Kohl, a real b*tch
Only draw women? Or normal humans? This is about my only female character use right now with a more or less final outfit. There's 2 versions, Pokemon universe(human), and original version(anthro wolf). Personality is basically the same for both. Brash, Overconfident, shameless, proud of her power, straightforward, single-minded. Doesn't care about your fancy morals. She's a scantly clad savage and kind of an Amazon, even though she was raised in a relatively mundane setting. She seems the sort to bash a prospective mate over the head and carry him back to her cave. Costume is up to interpretation since none of the refs match, but should always show a lot of skin and be tatter and dirty.

Pokemon universe:
X , X , X
(1st two images are drawn over a Steamworks pet base, credit to PrinceDave)
X , X , X


Payment options:
Gaia: Gold, items
Wajas: WC/CWP/wajas/items
Khimeros: Trinkets/Beads/Items/khimeras
Mweors/Tygras: some random stuff

34 ACT
34x Activity Token
1x Angel Costume
1x Bigfoot Costume
1x Devil Costume
1x Leopard Spotted Claw Boots
1x Robo-bird
1x Skelatal Bat Wings
1x Sloth
1x Thank You Bear
1x Vampire Costume
1x Zombie Costume

1x Christmas Bell Harness
1x Fourth Birthday Presents
1x Magical Grayscale Trout
3x Mouse Toy
2x Red Ball of Yarn
1x Red Contact (Left Eye)
1x Red Contact (Right Eye)
1x Skull Mask
1x Spooky Hollow Background

art trade: My DA (Not currently suggested, I've got artblock)
Freebies welcome, I'll tip!