So today was mother's day (well actually it's the 13 now but whatever).

My mother was gonna visit her mother's grave and I thought that's where I was going too until my brother said we were gonna see the other grandma on my father's side.
No big deal, I just had to go to work around 2. Now you see invisable stranger, I lost my grandmother (on my mother's side) and my father this year.....So things were just different. Just typing this s**t is making my eyes water but eh, I honestly missed my grandmother because she was just there, even if we didn't communicate on the verbal level (cause my dumb a** can't speak spanish worth a damn), she was always there. My father....I'll talk about him later.

So we visit my other grandma who stilled lived in the same apartment complex after all these years. And this is where I'm gonna stop typing for a minute.
Sorry for the weird noises and the crying.