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Name: Huyana
Race: Demon Winter Spirit
Age: Ancient; age appearance fluctuates; usually looks to be in twenties


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Body Type: Curvy, fairly toned. Obviously strong build; largeish breasts, but not abnormally huge, with semi-wide hips. So, shows muscle tone without being crazy muscled or creepy skinny.
Has long, thin dragonfly-like wings, usually doesn't appear with them, though.

Jewelry: Blue belly button piercing; silvery blue jewel pendant on a silver chain--the jewel faintly glows.
Wears silver bells in her hair on both sides of her head, usually two or three clustered on each side; blue and white cloth hangs from where it's pinned underneath the bells.

Markings: Two stones just under the corner of her right eye that are naturally embedded.
Lips are naturally blue.
Silver hoops or studs in her ears--three in her left, two in the right.

Eyes: Icy blue, with darker and lighter shades of blue rings around the irises; thick, black eyelashes; eyes a little large.

Hair: White hair with an almost metallic tinge to it--thus, it has a faint shine almost like snow. It's choppily layered, usually pulled back in a ponytail with a metal cincher, leaving a bit of fringe left hanging on the left side of her face, partially covering her left eye sometimes.


Sly, seductive, and smooth. She can be playful and adorable, and sometimes has a kind of child-like curiosity that rarely shows.
She can also be very vicious and cunning as well, and this side shows more often than any other.
Either way, she has a sexy allure, be it playful sexy or seductress sexy.

Huyana is an old demon spirit that got summoned back by a human and tied to some pretty stone long ago and has been stuck in the mortal realm ever since because the human died and she can't find the stone that has her anchored to the living realm. She doesn't understand humans and all the new changes in the world of the living, and she's definitely pissed that she can't go back to her own realm. So, she plays tricks on humans often, but mostly she looks for victims to play her games, since she likes the challenge of games and deals. She's always won, and basically kind of takes the heat and sanity from whoever lost her game, sending the shell that's left of them out into the woods to get lost and, ultimately, die. When they're found, their body is in hypothermic condition even if it isn't cold outside.

She steals heat because she can't make her own and she longs for that natural warmth, though she'd never admit she's jealous of something humans have. She steals sanity because it's part of the mind games and gives her power, which is control over the icy north winds, bringing cold and storms. Often, she'll try to make a deal to steal someone's soul, and she carries those souls with her by binding them to the stone in her necklace, thus giving her even more power.