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showsheila's time RP
RP is quite different then I thought.
Ronya was seated at her desk inside of the animal shelter at the front door. The ad that she had put up a week ago had not gotten a single person in here, which was sort of disappointing, but she knew sooner or later that someone would take the bait. Her right index finger was tapping away at the spacebar, trying to get the dolphin all the way to the top of the level..if there even was one. She always played this game when she was bored at work because there wasn't anything else to do and it seemingly never ended.

With a small sigh she brought up her free hand to her chin and rested it onto it. Today was a pretty boring one so far..

Skyler fidgeted with her hair as she walked up the street to the shelter. She had been having trouble finding and getting a job. As soon as she saw the add she could not pass it up. She did want to go to school to be a Vet. She saw this as a chance to get her foot in the door. She walked up to the building she took a deep breath and pushed the door handle. She walked inside and up to the desk. "Hi I'm here to answer to the ad." She said to the person behind the desk hoping that the position was still open.
Ronya would look up and a small grin began to spread across her face as she laid her eyes on this girl. She was a cute one that was for sure and considering she was the only one that had come in all week..she would do fine. In fact, she was perfect. She had been hoping for a brown haired woman after all..

Ronya would then clear her throat and start to speak as she would shut the program off on her computer.
"Well, I'm here to tell you that you've got it! The reason being is we need the position filled ASAP because of an open house thing happening here on Saturday. We have no mascot and I want one..I'm the owner of this place by the way. I'm not a vet or anything, just an animal lover, I'm the supervisor of the adoptions and what not that go on around here.You see, we double as both a shelter and a vet here, and we are also working on becoming an emergency center too. For pets of course." She would finish with a laugh as she would start to dig around on her desk for some papers. She was acting like she didn't know where they were, but she did, and she was overly excited inside to finally have snatched one.

Pulling out the large stack of papers, she would set it onto the counter and start to flip all the way to the back, not letting her read any of it, and even if she did the part that clearly states she is legally agreeing to become Ronya's pet, was on page 52 paragraph 4. Once she was at the back, she would point at the line where she needed to sign and handed her a pen.
"So, if you sign this, we can go and get you suited up and go over the job and what not. Sound good?"

Skyler looked at the lady as she moved around her mother had always told to read the fine print but once the lady pulled out the big stack. She was really happy that the position was still open and excited to start. She reached for a pen. "Yeah that is perfect sounds like you have big planes for this place and I'd be glad to help." Skyler replied with a smile. She signed on the line all to happy to start her job. "Do you need me to fill out anything else?" She asked.
"Nope! Just this is all. Okay, good good. Come follow me, darling.." Ronya would reply as she would then sit up and push her chair in and start to head over to a nearby door. Opening it, she would start to walk through the building and they passed seemingly hundreds of cages, each with dogs inside resting and or pacing back and forth at the sight of people.
"This section right here is the recovery room, that is why most of these guys and girls are so quiet. The adoption center is in the back, but, I'll show you that later..anyway.." She would finish as they would reach a trunk.

She would kneel down and open it as she would reach inside and take out a strange costume and lay it on the floor. She would zip open the back and then point at each limb, starting to speak to Skyler.
"Okay, put your elbows here and your knees here. I have to help you get this suit on. No other way to do it."

Skyler watched as the lady moved to a door. She quickly moved around the desk to the door as Ronya continued to move she lightly paused looking at all the cages and all dogs, but it seemed odd that they were just resting or pacing. She listen to Ronya;s explanation for them being so quit yet it still felt off to her like something wasn't right.
She just pushed past these feelings and thoughts she really needed this job she looked up and she quickly reached the trunk. She stood there watching her boss kneel and open the trunk reaching in and pulling out the costume laying it on the floor. She listened as her boss spook again.
"I'm not going to be standing?" she questioned noticing the way the costume was designed. She shifted lightly unsure about it but she had already signed the paper she wasn't sure how much of a choice she had. "Should I take off my clothes?" She asked her eyes on the costume trying to figure out how hot she would be in it. She sat on the floor and at least started to take off her shoes and socks.
"Yes, just leave your undies on, it doesn't get that hot in there but it will if you have all that extra material." Kelly would explain whilst then kneeling down and helping her pull out the costume. She would then keep speaking as she did. "No, you won't be standing, as you can see the costume allows you to walk on all fours. Inside of the limbs there is padding that'll prevent you from injuring your elbows and knees. It'll take you a second to be able to walk properly, but, I feel like you are smart enough to figure it out." Kelly would finish with a smile looking towards Skyler.

Ronya would smirk as she watched Skyler tire herself out as she would then move over to the nearby wall and grasp a collar and leash off of it. She would then move over to Skyler and crouch down, humming softly as she would clip the collar around Skyler's neck and then the leash onto the collar, giving it a soft tug and making sure that it was secure as she would then give Skyler another scratch on her head just like any other normal dog as she would start to speak.
"Well, I am glad you already know how to move around well. Today is gonna be your first day here so I hope you didn't have anything planned for later tonight. I have got to train you after all..so first things first, as your new position, I want you to know that you are nothing more than a dog. You are not allowed to speak English anymore and everything you do must be dog like. I am liking that you are panting already.." She would comment with a giggle before starting to tighten her hand around the leash.

She would then look down at Skyler and start to speak.
"So, there are a list of tricks you must know. Sit, Beg, Speak, Fetch, and Dance are all the basic ones that I will teach you first. You'll learn more complex ones later on, but, we'll start out small now. So, Skyler, sit." She would say with a rather stern and commanding tone.

Skyler watched in wonder as Ronya crouched down next to her clipping the collar around her neck. She tilted her head lightly as she scratched her head she kind of liked it. She listened as she spoke. She was glad there was pads in the costume or else her elbows and knees would be hurting.
She had no plans for that do or that night though she wondered if she would be able to go home tonight. She wondered what she had in mind for the training. "A dog.." she said though she was in a dog costume. She looked shifted her head to look up at Ronya as she told her she could not longer speak and everything she had to do must be dog like. "What!?" she squeaked out. She was only panting because she was worn out.
She felt the leash tighten and she got up on her knees and elbows. Then she listened as Ronya listed off the dog tricks that she would learn. She growled as she then told her to sit and she refused even though it was a commanding tone though she wasn't quite sure what Ronya would do to her if she didn't sit. She refused to sit and being treated like an animal.

"Well, I think you heard what I said Skyler..now I am going to give you one more chance to listen to me but if you don't I am going to have to implement some punishment. Also, dog's don't talk do they? I am a very strict boss and I want my mascot to be the utmost perfect vision that I have for her. You are now obligated in your new job to listen and follow every command that I give. If you want to get paid, I suggest that you stop disobeying me." She would say with a coy smirk as she would then kneel down and shorten the leash by wrapping it around her own hand slowly and soon bringing it to a point that it was causing Skyler's head to be raised up in a somewhat forceful manner as Ronya would stare her down and then clear her throat.


Skyler listened to Ronya as she began to talk about punishment she shivered she had enough punishment when she was younger. She realized that her boos had a point dog's didn't talk she nodded lightly understanding. She needed the money and this was her job. She looked up into feeling the forceful tug around her neck. She heard the command shifting lightly and then sat not wanting to find how she would be punished.

"Much better, you're such a good girl!" Ronya would respond with a giggle as she would then start to scratch her new pet on the head for a third time. Skyler would soon find that she was truly going to be treated like a dog from now on. It was Ronya's hope that treating her like such would eventually start to make her start to truly think and act like one. After she would sit, Ronya would then release her rather tight grip on the leash and start to lighten up from her formerly meaner appearance as she would reach for a box of Oreos nearby and promptly pluck one out and dangle it in the air.

Holding it just inches away from Skyler's mouth, she would start to speak.
"Okay, now..beg, Skyler. Remember, beg like a dog."

Skyler tilted her head as Ronya scratched her head. She was glad that the leash was loosened. Her eye's watched Ronya as she grabbed for something. Then she looked at the Oreo being dangled in the air and before she heard the next command she was thinking about trying to jump to get it. She didn't she watched as her masters hand lowered and looked at the cookie inches from her face. She looked at her master as she listened to the next command. She whimpered wiggling her but th make her tail wag. "Rrrrrrr." Skyler let out of her mouth. She had never seen a dog beg so she was doing her best.

Ronya couldn't help but laugh. She was obedient! That was, very, very good. She would smirk as she would then crouch down and offer the cookie to Skyler, and her free hand would then travel to Skyler's butt and give it a firm slap, not a mean one, but a friendly one that even in itself seemed to declare very loudly 'you're mine now' as her hand would then travel up her backside, along her spine, caressing her spine as if she were a dog, and finally stopping at her head to start scratching her on the head again as she began to speak.
"Good, girl!" She would then stand up and start to walk over to the bag of oreos and take one out again, this time, holding it in the air and once more and out of her reach as she would speak.
"Skyler, bark!" She would command.

Skyler used her tongue to get the cookie out of Ronya's hand she knew that she couldn't get it with her hands as the were berried into the costume. This was not hard for her since she had competed in a in a contest where she couldn't eat with her hands. She wasn't sure about the firm slap on her butt though she was glad that it didn't hurt. She shivered as Ronya hand traveled up her spine. Skyler tilted her head as Ronya scratched her head. She liked the feeling then she heard the new command. "Arr f, arr f." She let out and she felt she was really sounding like a dog.

Ronya couldn't help but laugh once again at her new pet's willingness to go along with all of this. A very wicked and cruel smile would turn up on her lips as she began to scratch Skyler on the head once again, taking note that she was enjoying this action, as her free hand would then lower down and once again offer another cookie for her new pet to eat. She would then start to speak.
"Well, you're being a very, very good girl so far. Remember you act like a dog all the time now while you're in this suit. But, I don't think you'll have to worry as you're doing such an excellent job. Okay, now, because you are still..somewhat human in a way, meaning that you can understand English, I expect more complex tricks from you sometimes. If anyone asks you to do something, you must do it, no matter how silly, humiliating, or demeaning the task may be. So..Skyler, lick and clean my boots. I want them spotless. Go ahead." She would say pointing down at her black boots, both of which were covered in patches of dirt and other debris. "From hereby on, this task that you are about to perform will be called Shoeshine. Anytime I tell you to shoeshine myself or someone else, this is what you do, understand?"

Skyler looked at Ronya and waged her tail happy that her boss was happy as she took the next cookie out of her bosses hand and ate it. She listened as her boss began to speak again. She had know idea what to expect next. She looked at Ronya as she told her to clean her boot. Skyler looked at the boot and began to feel sick. 'This was not a trick a dog would do' she thought she her butt lowered she didn't want to her boots looked so nasty as she listened to the fact that she might have to clean other shoes. She didn't want to be punished for not doing what she was told she slowly moved to her boss the smell was even worse as she got closer. She whimpered lightly wishing she didn't have to do this. She continued to try but hadn't even put her tongue to her masters boot. Skyler closed her eye's tight then stuck out her tongue and began licking off what was on Ronya's boot once she was done she left her dirty tongue hanging out knowing that if she put it back in her mouth that she would throw up. She looked around for some water.

Ronya would laugh as her eyes fell onto her pet, seeing the distress in her eyes. She would then kneel down and bring a hand to Skyler's head, starting to scratch her underneath her chin and grin as her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, giving her a look that made it seem like she was panting, just like a dog. Ronya would then start to speak.
"Good, girl. I suggest you start to learn to block out the taste and the thought of doing this. You should also start to learn how to deal with doing humiliating things. You're doing a great job so far.." She would say as she would stand up and then tie the woman's leash to a nearby table, before heading over to various dirty dog dishes by a nearby sink. Grabbing one and rinsing it in the sink quickly, she would then fill it up with water, and place it near Skyler as she would then start to speak.
"I know what you're looking for, go ahead and drink up. This happening gave me an idea though..I think later I may just put some peanut butter on my feet and let you lick it off, if you be good for the rest of the day. Not only is that going to put you in your place, but, it'll taste good. I promise my feet aren't as dirty as my shoes." She would laugh and then start to dig in her pocket, pulling out her cell phone.

"I think it is almost time to close up shop though. Would you like to go for a walk before we leave, Skyler? Give your Mistress a bark if you do."

Skyler looked at her master as she knelt down and scratched under her chin. She listened to Ronya as she spoke again on how she was a good girl and how she suggested that she learn to block out the taste and the thought of cleaning shoes. Skyler shivered at the thought and realized that if she was going to be doing it often that Ronya had a point but she wondered if this would be the worst thing she would do or if there were worse things out that she could be made to do. She pulled her tongue into her mouth slowly trying to ignore the taste.

Once her tongue was in all the way she looked as Ronya got a bowl of water and placed it in near her and listened as Ronya told her to go ahead and drink up. Skyler bet her head down and lapped up the water with her tongue just like a dog would.as she listened to Ronya talk about her next idea of putting peanut butter on her feet and she would have to like it off Skyler paused from drink and looked at Ronya and shook her head she was allergic to peanuts. She listened to Ronya laugh as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone.She didn't like the sound of her laugh. Skyler listened to Ronya as she asked if she'd like to go for a walk. Skyler let out a bark she would be okay with a walk.

Ronya was loving every second of this right now. Here was this woman literally crawling on all fours at her feet, listening and obeying every whim and request that she would make. It was quite lovely and she could tell already that Skyler was going to make a very good pet, not to mention, she was rather cute. She would give Skyler a simply pat on the head before starting to walk towards the door and eventually she would open it and lead Skyler outside. She now started to casually stroll to the nearby wooded path, humming gently, and letting Skyler keep up with her.

As they would enter into the woods and finally come across a clearing, Ronya would look down at Skyler and unclip the leash, and grasp a nearby stick and hold it in the air. Wiggling it around, she started to speak.
"You want the stick, girl?..I know you want the stick, my good little puppy. Fetch, Skyler!" She would say as she would then toss the stick across the clearing sending it a good 15 feet away.

(sorry it toke me so long)
Skyler walked keeping up with Ronya. She lightly looked up her master as she hummed gently. She looked forward as they entered the woods. She looked around her the path was a bit familiar to her. As they reached the clearing Skyler shifted as Ronya uncliped the leash. She sat there lightly watching her master pick up a stick. She watched as she wagged the stick and she knew what was coming as she began to speak. Skyler listened to her master as she spoke Skyler wagged her tail watching the stick as she heard Ronya told her to fetch. Skyler watched the stick fly through the air across the clearing. She ran after the stick she jumped at it as she got closer to it and jumped up into the air catching it. She couldn't believe that she move so fast like this. She felt so much like a dog it was crazy. She ran back towards Ronya with the stick in her mouth. Once she reached the Ronya she held onto the stick tightly in her mouth. She waited at her masters feet.

Ronya couldn't help but giggle as she watched Skyler complete the task with perfect ease and a bit better than she expected. She was starting to learn how to move around in the suit very well..which was good, because, it wasn't coming off of her anytime soon. Her hand would slowly reach down to Skyler once she would sit at her feet, starting to scratch her on the top of the head, before moving down to the bottom of her chin. Soon and with much repetition, this action of being pet would start to become craved, much like a real dog would want it, and Skyler would find herself wanting to be rubbed and stroked in every which way. Ronya would then lower her hand down to the stick, feeling that it was stuck tightly in Skyler's mouth, to which she would grin and give it a few shakes.
"You're a playful little puppy, hmm?" She would ask tugging the stick back and shaking it around a few more times.

While playing tug of war with Skyler, Ronya would notice that it was starting to get dark out, and with a glance at her watch she saw that night was starting to come rather quickly. Letting go of the stick and clearing her throat she started to speak.
"Come on, Skyler, we've got to get going." She would say whilst then clipping the leash onto her new pet's collar, starting to walk back to the building..

however, once they got back to the building, Ronya did not walk inside, in fact, she simply walked around to the front and locked the door. She didn't explain anything to Skyler about coming out of the suit, going back into the building or..anything really. She just hummed softly and then started to walk towards her car, leading Skyler the entire way, and soon opening up her trunk and revealing a cage inside. Helping Skyler get up and into the back, she would put her in the cage, locking it, and then closing the trunk.

-25 minutes later-

Arriving to a house in the back country of the area, which was also were the dog pound they had both been at was around, they had gone much deeper into the nearly vacant land. Ronya soon pulled up to a smaller house, with a lot of land behind it, as she would then open up the trunk, unlock the cage, and clip a leash onto Skyler and start to walk her to the front door. Opening it up with her keys and leading her inside, Ronya would then unclip the leash and disappear into the kitchen for a few moments..and suddenly she would reappear with two dog dishes, one filled with water, another filled with a rather strange looking meat smelling substance.
"Here ya go, Skyler, eat up."

Skyler played with her master tell she said it was time to go. She rubbed against her master. She was getting very comfortable in the suit as she moved in it. She walked happily next to her master. She hoped that she'd be able to get out of the costume and go home. She was looking forward to talking again.

Skyler noticed that as soon as they reached the building that they weren't going inside as Ronya locked the doors. She followed her around confused she thought to ask her what was going on but she didn't want to be punished so she just went with it. She followed Roya to her car and let out a whimper as she opened the trunk and she saw the cage. She laid in the cage quietly wondering where they were going.

-25 minutes later-

Skyler looked at Ronya as she let her out of the cage clipping the leash to her collar. She looked at everything around her at the house and the land. She didn't recognize it. She followed her master in the house. She looked around the house just sitting there as she noticed Ronya walk off and the reappear with two dog dishes. She looked at them as she told her to eat up. Skyler sniffed at what looked like meet. She was hungry and part of her wanted to eat what was in the bowl but the other part of her didn't want to touch it.

Skyler drank the water and then ate the food not even trying to think about it.After eating she drank more water and then began roaming around the house. She wasn't sure what was next for her when or if she would ever be able to get out of the costume. She was feeling like she wasn't even herself any more. After looking around she went to Ronya and sat looking at her. She lightly pawed her leg and let out a bark.

Skyler was making a very good dog, that was for certain. In a matter of hours she had already started to taking to acting like one in both her thought process and mannerisms. She was also very obedient naturally it would seem. She wasn't acting like herself, a normal human being. No, she was becoming a new self. The pet version of Skyler. Each passing second, minute, hour, and day would only spiral her down deeper into that mindset. As she pawed at her leg and let out a bark, Ronya would giggle, putting a hand down to her new pet's head and start to scratch the top of it.
"You've been being such a good girl, remember, no human actions or words or you'll be punished..but, you've been so good so far, I don't think that I even needed to remind you."

Ronya would chime with a rather cheery smile before wondering what she was pawing at her leg for. Then it occurred to Ronya that she had promised Skyler a treat when she got home. "Oh, I am sorry, I totally forgot about your treat..hmm..let's see.." She would then walk into the kitchen and open up her fridge, starting to try to find something to give to her pet. She wanted this treat to not only be good tasting, but, to remind and enforce Skyler what her new occupation was. Her hand would reach in and grasp a jar of chocolate paste, bringing it out, and soon walking into the kitchen with a knife in hand as she would then start to slip off her shoes, humming softly to herself, and was now barefoot sitting on the couch. Taking the knife and getting a rather large glob of the gooey paste, she would spread it over the bottom of her foot and a bit in between her toes, soon covering both feet, as she started to speak.
"There ya go, Skyler, just as I promised. Go ahead and clean them off for me. Like I said, you better start not thinking things like this are gross anymore." Ronya would finish with a chuckle. "Hurry up though! I've got some things to do around the house and I can't walk around with chocolate all over my feet."

-2 weeks later-

Ronya had kept her new pet at home the entire time. During these two weeks, she never did go over exactly why she wasn't letting Skyler out of the suit. Anytime it looked as if Skyler was questioning it or would want to start to speak in English again, she would always remind her 'pet' that bad dogs got punished. That normally stopped her then and there in her tracks when it came to that sort of thing. Although, Ronya did wonder what she was truly thinking..if she was even thinking at all anymore. On the first day, she had taken to acting like a puppydog quite well, way faster than she would have thought that she ever would have done. It was a very good thing to be honest and it had made Ronya happy because it made training this girl to be her perfect pet even that more easier.

Ronya would even bring Skyler into work sometimes, letting her walk around the office and the entire kennel and backyard. She would even let her play with the real dogs every so often. She was truly the 'mascot' there now as many frequent customers knew whom she was now and would also even treat her like a dog too. No one had treated her like a human in the past two weeks. Not a single soul.

Today, Ronya had not brought Skyler with her though, as she had many things to do around the office and couldn't keep an eye on her pet. Her car slowly pulled up to her house as the day had ended and Ronya's footsteps approached the front door, as she would open it, and look around and start to speak.
"Skyyyyleerrrrr, I'm home!"

For the two weeks that Skyler stayed at Ronya's place she wondered bout getting out of the costume and stretching her legs. She also wondered when she was going to get paid or if she was even going to be paid for all this time at Ronya's. Every time she thought to try and speak she would get the reminder from her master that she was an animal and was not aloud to do anything human. She would pause and sit there looking up at her master. She would whimper every now and then and paw at Ronya's leg if her master was sitting at that time. During these two weeks Skyler's mind was slipping deeper and deeper into the mind set of being a dog. When she finally noticed it was to late. She was fully acting like a dog weather she wanted to or not. She tried to hold what little mind set she had but bye the end of the two weeks before Ronya took her back to the office the dog mind set had almost taken over her own mind and she fully believed she was a dog.

The first time she would go to the office with Ronya. She spent the some time just sniffing she was even to the point that when she went outside she she would mark her territory. Each day that she was at the office she would spend the beginning she would run around and play as Ronya prepared to open for business. Once she was open Skyler would be in the front to meet the customer and get petted by them. Sniffing at any animal they may have brought in with them. She was really careful around other dogs.

Today Skyler had slept in relaxed in her bed. When she finally got up she wondered about the house tell the mail man got there and she sat at the door he would stick the mail in so that she could grab it in her mouth then she would take the mail to the living room placing it on the table. She went out into the back yard to do her business and then she played with a ball. Tell she heard a car pull up she knew who it was. She rolled over and got to her paws and as she got back into the house. She heard her masters voice and she sprinted through the house grass in her fur. She slowed as she reached the front door she moved to Ronya and sat down at her feet.

Ronya had definitely taken note that through the past two weeks that Skyler had pretty much completely been taken over by insanity, her mind trying to cope with what was happening after being treated like a dog constantly and trained like one. She now was a spitting image of one and acted perfectly like one. When she even brought her to the shelter, she always liked to watch Skyler, or Sky as she had been calling her lately, play with the pooches because it was adorable to try to watch her keep up with them. She was starting to get very good running around on all fours, she was actually able to run and keep up with most of the dogs now, unless they were a breed designed for racing. Although, every now and then she did have to make sure none of the male dogs tried to..mount her. She did wonder if any of them ever successfully did when they were outside playing. That would have been odd and weird..

However, her pet came to her feet, and she noticed she was covered in a bit of filth to which Ronya would smile and reach down and scratch her head.
"I see someone was playing outside before I got home, huh, Sky?" She would ask as she would then head over to the couch and slip her shoes off, rubbing her feet for a moment before she started to speak. "Sky, be a good girl and give Mommy a foot massage, I've had suucccchh a long day today." She said putting her feet out on the ground, now expecting her pet to lick, kiss, and suck on them. Pulling her laptop out of her bag that she had brought in with her, she started to type in the password, pulling up a couple of files as she began to speak.
"There was a lot of work to be done today as we are adding onto the building so I had a bunch of paperwork to fill out and..why am I even telling you this?" She laughed and kept on talking. "It's not like you even understand, you silly little puppy. I'll let you in on a little secret though..Mommy is gonna build your own special dog house for you there, yes she is, just for you, Sky."

Sky wagged her tail as Ronya spoke to her in n a friendly tone She followed her master to the couch and sat looking at her as she asked her to give her a foot massage and she tilted her head a bit and looking confusingly at her she understood feet but not massage. She moved to her feet and licked them a bit and rubbed her head against the bottom of the foot. She listened to her master speak lifting her head up as she heard about the dog house but wondered if she would have to sleep outside she liked sleeping inside with Ronya. She moved over to the couch placing her paws up on Ronya's lap and looking at her.

"God, I just love how stupid you are now.." Ronya would laugh as she would set her laptop aside and start to scratch Sky under her chin. "I remember when I first got you and you were so silly, you thought you were a human..but Mommy helped you find your place and now you love it here, don't you? Those special cookies I've been giving you helped out brainwashing you too. They've got chemicals in them that lower your I.Q down quite a bit, you were naturally submissive too and through those cookies, my special training, and your own natural submissive qualities..well..I mean, just look at you. You don't even know what I am saying as you just sit there slobbering on my lap. Ohhh, it's so adorable though! I can't believe you honestly thought I was ever going to pay you or that this was some kind of real job. You were stupid even before you got into this costume."

She would then laugh and pull her puppy up on the couch and into her lap, starting to stroke her pet down her head and onto her spine. It was a very relaxing thing to happen to Sky now, being pet by her Mistress.
"But, I just love you so very much, Sky, I didn't think I was ever going to get attached to you. Mommy is gonna make sure you love being her little puppy and I am gonna keep treating you like the Princess you are if you keep on being a good girl, which I know you will, because you've been such a very good girl for so long.." She would then lean over and grab a jar of chocolate paste, much like the first day she brought her pet home, and she would open it and star to lather up the bottom of her foot and her in between her toes. "Here, enjoy a nice snack, I know how much you like licking food off of my toes you little weirdo." She would finish with a smile before pulling her laptop back in front of her and starting to speak again.
"You know..I wonder if you had any friends before all of this. I mean, no one can do anything now, besides the fact that your brain is completely mush, I legally own you. I wonder if they'd want to see how well you've been trained..maybe..hehehe, they could join you. I have some friends of my own that one puppygirls. What do you think, Sky?"

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