Almost a day ago, I said I was going to use this journal here as a sort of outlet. I really find it a bit self- How do I say this? Self... reassuring? I find it self reassuring to type things out, I guess you can say. Even if they were to be typed to myself. There is something about typing in detail, making sure it is right, to reflect your life and self, then reading over it, that makes it a little easing to the heart.

In real life, I'm a talker, a thinker, and listener. So, I can see why it might ease me to type out a few things, down to the 't'. The only problem is... the typos that I night (<---LOOK! RIGHT THERE!!! I'm not gonna lie about it either! This is one. It was SUPPOSE to be 'might') make. Just like a person's words might've came out faster than what they thought, my fingers sometimes move faster than what I think. I'm thinking what I wanna say, but my fingers are like "Derp derp derp. Nope" sometimes.

Another, and probably the most COMMON, reason for my typos most of the time, is that I'm typing in the dark almost ALL THE TIME. Even in the day! I don't know the keyboard that well either (but, it's enough. Lol). So: Darkness, plus not knowing the keyboard like a pro, equals... typos sometimes. I can be detailed, up on punctuation, and very literate, but everyone makes a mistake sometimes. If any typos that you see of mine, feel free to point them out to me. I won't mind at all. I felt that this was important to state, before I got so in dept about typing in these journals. Haha.