The soft and warming light of the sun setting danced on the horizon as Annabelle lay relaxed on a tree branch. She steers her eyes off into the distance as she takes a bite of her apple and a crisp and crunchy sound echoes into the long labyrinth of trees below. As the wind rustles the leaves and gently caresses her thick head of hair, she exhales deeply and closes her eyes, a dim light appears from the darkness of her closed lids. "Never forget..." whispers a unsettling voice from behind her. Quickly, her eyes open as she jumps from her position and scans the area, "Who's there?" she whispers loudly.


"What? Who's there? I demand you tell me at once!" she exclaims as she pulls a thin bladed dagger made of a hand carved stone from her leg strap.

"Syu, Fo'ono ne..."

"What? Y-you speak Larethian as well?" She lowers her dagger, swings from her branch and follows the mysterious voice into the dark maze of trees.

Suddenly a fog creeps up on her from between the trees. "Syu, Fo'ono ne, Annabelle!" cries this mournful voice from within the misty fog. This nerve-racking shout startles Annabelle and she quickly darts through the hazy woodland. Blinded by the fog, she trips upon a stump and shields her face with her forearms.

Looking up, in the distance she sees a blurry, yet very familiar visage and she thinks to herself, "Now.. Who could that be way out here, and where have I seen that figure..."