I'm just typing this diary entry because I'm not crying. To all of you who might read this journal entry, you're wasting your time... I only posted it on this day, right now, as a record of my emotions at the time. Solid proof of the fact that it doesn't hurt... so don't read past this point. It has nothing to do with you.
I'm not sick and desperately trying to contact you... after what I found out, it's over. From early July 2012 to the middle of this year, I wasted all that time mourning over you, chasing you, being lovesick over you, and after wasting an entire year on you, I find out what you truly are, in one fell swoop. You said you hate liars, and I promised I would never lie to you. Turns out you were cheating and lying to me for an entire year, you hypocrite. You fed me all these lies... that filthy lying mouth of yours, that rotten, disgusting, fake heart of yours.
All of this formed into an anger... I was betrayed. My motto was always "I can't trust anyone". And yet I put you in a position where you could break my heart, and that's the first thing you did. Everyone sucks. I hate people, I trust no one. I thought I had my entire life planned out, I knew what I was doing. I was gonna give my life to you... but guess what? You can't have it anymore.
Slight anger... all I want is to make you realize what a disgusting human being you are, but other than that, no tears. No pain, no torturous depression... I'm above this. I'm above you.
I just hope one thing. I hope there is a hell for people like you.