I have a white persian cat. He is the most annoying cat in the world. But like family, I love him to bits. He is the most spoiled cat in the world. And not to mention, a kiss up. One time, when he was taking a sh*t, he decided to miss the entire litter box. How? I don't know. Maybe his ass is too big to fit in the box. Anyways, to avoid getting yelled at, he decides to purr all cute like and kiss up to everyone in the house. b*tch.
He also has a really messed up sleeping schedule. He's asleep for most off the day and awake all night long. Of all my family members I'm the one that feels the most guilt for this cat. So whenever he starts meowing in the middle of the night, I can't help but feel guilty and let him in my room. Then he starts wanting to play. *sigh*
It's nice having him around though. He can be a cute little fluffball. Maybe I should turn him into an internet cat meme or something.