I think I should start writing in this. This isn't here for nothing, you know?

As of now, I'm going to start posting some things here as best I can. I can't really imagine if I will put some personal things here though. Maybe a little about how I feel, as far as small matters and SOME personal things. But, I figure I could use this as an outlet of some sort. Recently, a lot has happened with me and I've been going through some up and down, on and off situations. Ones that are obstructing my forward motion (my progress), ones I don't agree with, family matters, haunting dreams, sickness, nervousness, physical health (back pains, head aches, fatigue, ect), and SO much more. I know all I just listed might SEEM like all bad things, but don't let your mind stray into that direcetion. There is good in most of that.

Later on, when I get the chance, I will be deleting previous entries, except for any poems I've made. I'll send deleted entries to myself in a PM and save them, just to have them, and in case I have to recap on them. I will maybe- I MIGHT even start posting pictures of me to get over a slight phobia I have that I have been working on (I never really got use to taking pictures, due to me not... taking pictures?) I feel like I'm doing things like this a little too late in life, but due to what goes on in my end, it only gets harder for me to do the smaller things that I really and HONESTLY want to do. I've only had time to try and reach people, try and catch up with friends, try to straighten out personal matters that I feel are most important, but MOST of all, I've been trying to fix what just about everyone should start on fixing... Themselves. It's important, if you wanna wanna care for others.

But, aside from all that ranting above, get ready for the start of something I myself don't even know the outcome of. Haha. If you wish to keep up, then do so. I'll be more than happy to include some interactivity with people. But, for now, it will have to wait, until next time. Later!