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What I'm doing on Journal once in a while
I'm going to be writing and posting stories here as much as possible. Check for stories once in awhile, but they won't be popping up every day. I like to make sure I have a spark when writing a story.
other world

Chapter 6

I watch the images in the mirror and I feel like I’m watching a movie. I wish I had some popcorn. Warm, buttery, popcorn, like they made at movie theatres. Maybe even some chocolate morsels. I used to get these luxuries before my home was a war zone, my friends and I had to train to survive, and before I was made of tragedy, sadness, and misery. I saw my birth in that mirror, all the way up to my death. I saw the arrow land right in between my two eyes, which both were like windows. You could look into them and see the terror and helplessness. A flash of white went through the mirror and I saw myself standing in the field of forever (my new name for this ever-going field). Then the mirror went blank and all I saw was my reflection.
I pressed the diamond again, just out of curiosity, and, to my surprise, another video came up. A girl was there-she was my age- and she was flying-flying! Flying through a meadow beautifully colored field at full speed. She was like me, probably part of my trio. She flew.

Chapter 7

FYI, it isn’t as easy as it looks to find a portal and step through it. You need to know where it is, you need to know how to get to it, you need to know what day and year to be there, and, finally, you need to know what time to be there. Unfortunately, I don’t know any of these things. So I flew. And flew. And flew. And you get the idea. I’d either get lucky or spend a very long time searching. I soar about 1000 miles in ten minutes, which is my record. (You do the math.) After those ten minutes, I entered a lush green forest. It was full of wildlife. Monkeys swung through the trees, leopards stalked smaller animals. There were also brightly colored animals like frogs and parrots. I froze in midair, and a look of awe crossed my face. It was better than anything I’d ever experienced.
In the distance, a waterfall could be heard, its rushing pools beckoning to me for a swim. I went to take a look. The beautiful, pure water fell off the largest waterfall I had ever seen, and splashed down in to the shallow lake. It took all my willpower not to walk in, get a drink, have a swim. I had a job to do.

Its here. The portal has to be here. I continued through the wildlife, until I saw the snake. I recognized it as a boa. ‘Very poisonous, and it will strangle you and kill you in a matter of seconds.’ My teacher had said this, my science teacher Mr. Dumman. Despite his hilarious name, he was very intelligent and I knew he was correct on this statement. The boa started to slither towards me. I could see the poisonous foam in its mouth, and I was frozen from fear. My mind told me to fly away quietly and use the common sense I was given, but common sense was shrinking and fear was growing. The boa wrapped itself first around my legs, then up, all the way to my shoulders. It started to squeeze, so tightly that I couldn’t move. I knew that I’d be suffocated, but I had hoped I wouldn’t and that the snake would pass by without a second glance. But No! Now I was being strangled to death, in the middle of nowhere, and my parents would never know where I went or if I was alive. I’d be a myth! A legend! I tried to hold the tears back, but couldn’t.

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    Jasper strong
    Community Member
    commentCommented on: Tue May 28, 2013 @ 04:35am
    oromis i freaking like this!!!

    you are a great writer damm you should write a book!! this is really cool i dont really like reading books because they get boring for me but this is amazing i am looking forward on reading more about your adventures biggrin

    Dumman hahaha biggrin

    i like the descriptions and actually you make me feel what you feel and see what you see in this writing of yours. biggrin

    commentCommented on: Wed May 29, 2013 @ 11:59pm
    thank you, it is a book
    i already wrote it but when i grow up i need to make it longer
    im writing a bunch more, cuz i wanna b and author when i grow up

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