it's really freaky at 5:30 in the morning, alone at the station, when the computer's hard drive starts making sounds all on its own.

Advertising Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


in any case, i'm impressed with how much I've already accomplished this morning. Got the strips cut for Karen's grad present, 281 of which will be at her grad party, ready for step 3 or so. (Haven't given the stuff I need to do numbers, obviously...)

Picked one of each color and had a party with 19. Found a yellow cup, and once every half hour or so I'll dump them all out, smile, push them around a little, and put them back in the cup. xDD

this in addition to getting everything else in order for the weekend.

soooooooooooo boring, yet relaxing.

Essentially, I introduce the top of each hour, give a weather report at :20, and usually there's something going on at :45 i need to introduce. Throw a few song introductions in each hour, and repeat every hour for six hours.

also track the nights when nobody's physically at the station, do some administrative stuff.

have the super senior joining me tomorrow morning for the sunday adventures. (Yeah, I go to church... Four times every Sunday. In my pajamas. HA.)


right then.

have a few accounts to set up this summer.

LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, possible pinterest.

haha. :]