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Tamaki, what do you think?

User Image-looks up from his homework-
Oh, I misheard.

User Image

-rises from his seat-
I thought you meant the event.

User Image

-walks towards, his hands in his pockets, and eventually stands before them-

1) Whichever opportunity, both really don't matter. The event will pass.※
User Image2) I would rather our guests not think Gaia helped us come up with the idea. User Image

  [Or had to help us, which is worse. Both ruin my brilliance. I had fun coming up with the idea!]
3) ...
4) ...
5) ...
6) We would be really busy trying to complete everything and other responsibilities.
7) I'm too busy. I didn't plan this for an earlier date or any other events because I can only fit these at those times. User Image
User Image
※ = Putting significant on this... In the future, looking back, it means little. -slightly tilts head- So our guests may like the (omitted), some might not and others... -shakes head- I'd rather not. Our guests may not care about the gaian "event". If we do something, it's likely they correlate unpleasant emotions with us. We want everyone to have fun and if we are occupied with planning and executing, we will be having fun, but on the surface, it will look like we are stressed. It will influence the princesses' time with us.

User Image

((Tamaki(-mun), you and your pride... >>;;; I really don't think the guests care that much.))

To me, your only valid reason is that you're busy. Fair enough.
All right kids, you heard him. Never mind my suggestion. -waves everyone off towards the exit-

Clearly, you don't know what it's like to be seen as an idiot. I still have my pride and some respect from people! It was my idea. Gaia didn't help me, grrrhhh scream ...It's a coincidence. A terribly timed coincidence. Do you know how unconvincing "I came up with the idea" is to everyone!? [I know because I get stuck into these losing arguments ==...-easily misunderstood-] There's no way I'm letting Gaia take credit. If they do, everyone is going to have the wrong idea about me forever...! eek (I'm okay with people who know I'm not like something and laugh at the joke, but for people who permanently mistaken me... gonk I don't care what others think as I won't spend time with those people. I think, in our series, everyone knows the obvious jokes don't have truth to them? You should see fans. They can scar me. I can be thought of as a pervert or womanizer. A simple "NO, you're wrong!;;" does not help. -shakes his mun by the shoulder- Do you see? Do you understand!? You understand your best friend, right!??) -has already gotten to the point in his life where he will prevent losing in this way at all costs, can tolerate teasing but not misunderstandings anymore-
(Once, a guest happily said I'm not a pervert, like the twins had said, and she hasn't seen me do anything. I wouldn't call that misunderstanding, but I was okay with it. She doesn't believe it anymore and she knows she's wrong. I couldn't believe she thought that about me in the first place, I was an innocent person just talking to her when she brings it up! A full misunderstanding, I don't think I can allow. I have let people bully me but thankfully, no one has tried to put a false image on me. I'd lose all my pride in an instant if Haruhi even believes... User ImageHand outstretched with a "noooo"... Then I'd obsess/confirm if she really believes that;;; DO YOU ALL NOT FEEL THIS SENSE OF HOPELESSNESS? I'm serious!! gonk I'm not roleplaying so please answer. How else would you think I came up with this speech? The person believes something wrong of you, and you feel hopeless because you can't prove it or convince them. You try to tell them they're wrong, they don't believe you. You feel more hopeless as you greatly lose.)

User Image(@guests: It's not over anything exactly important and it's not the depressed meaning of "hopeless." I'm never depressed but I do feel some embarrassment and humiliation.)

Only valid..!? You're disregarding me.
User Image (icon doesn't exactly fit)

What about the insignificance of spotlighting a small thing? That was my reason for not wanting to do it while my important reason is schedule, not being able to.
User Image

I was somewhat trying to sound cool. -stares at Kyoya and his mun- Do you know what it took to sound serious about the club based on the little bit you gave me? I was trying to come up with a valid and genuine speech that isn't simply brought up and seems unnecessary/random, not fitting with the conversation. Yes, the guests may not care that much, but that wasn't my point. I was trying to show my role as President.

-Kyoya used 'kids'-
User Image

((T-tamaki, why are you shaking me!? I'm not Kyo-kun! ;A;
And what best friend lol, you??? You're his best friend, not mine. 8-I ))

-sighs- All right Tamaki. I understand. Now please, calm down. -places hand on his shoulder-
I suppose it is necessary and convenient to put you in the best light.

-raises an eyebrow-
Was there something I said?

(The only people I really shake are Haruhi and the twins. I'm not supposed to shake anyone else ;; And I don't think Kyoya would want me to. He could get dizzy. If he does, he'll smack me - o -;
-horrified shock, stumbles backwards, rejection-
...Because you're...Kyoya, I just wrote 'best friend'. Just go with it 8D ...I don't know if you understand. It's like...the best friend feeling applies to you too. I was talking to him, but addressing you because I needed someone else's body for the shaking. Remember? He's okay with anything as long as he's not harmed. I would think violently shaking him back and forth is...most unpleasant. Aha ha ha.)

-relief- YAY 8D
I will place your words in a plaque. (>∀< wink /
(I will remember this forever 8D...And use it as a ref, remind everyone, and use it as support. Wahahaha! -victory-)

-HUGS- You used "kids"!!
Kyoya~ Kaa-saaan~ [<- I needed something to say while I'm hugging you* lol x2, an "annoying you" bonus]

-lets go, holding up his index finger looking excited and innocent- You used it once before, but it was your mun who said Mommy and Daddy aren't fighting. It's the first time you said it on Gaia! (series doesn't count) TT ー TT

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------end copy and paste, will update with Kyoya's reply--------------------------------------------------------------------------

-turns around to audience, holds up his index finger- So, do you understand?

I have my pride, all right?

User Image

(and you're not even going to give me that, you're mean. What did I do to deserve this?
User Image)

I heard a guest talk about playing a prank on me, involving stripping me of my pride. User Image

User Image

I retained my composure. As if words will affect me. -implied smirk-

Still, I flinched. She said that. -angrily flushes from extreme embarrassment-
She didn't say it in another way, use other words, or use subtlety. She meant it.

User Image

The words alone felt humiliating. I felt like crying. And it hasn't happened yet. I don't want to strip (TOT)/... Whyyy..

User Image User Image User Image User Image

If it were Hikaru and Kaoru, and let us say it is them because they would think of wanting to take away my pride User Image (They wouldn't be blunt and vocal about their implied desire. They don't have to say anything.)
User Image

-grabs them by the front of their shirt-
What do you think you're doing?!

User Image User Image

I AM A HUMAN BEING, ALL RIGHT? I HAVE FEELINGS. What is wrong with you!? -accidentally being insulting and very rude, which is canon-

User Image User Image User Image

Haa. -rests against wall-

User Image
User Image
It's not enough I'm silly that girls won't see as a suitor.

User Image

You make it worse!?!

User Image

You will never be my wing men! Never! (I don't need a wingman, but if you don't appreciate my thoughtfulness of accepting you as mine...)

User Image User Image

User Image

See! Antoinette agrees. MY DOG~ -hugs-
-tears up- My friends aren't on my side. What is this realityyyy?
User Image
User Image(My favourite episode is episode 14 : ) I think...because I never choose a favorite, but I really love that. You guys bully me too much. I don't know if you like me. Appreciate me. Respect me. (TOT)/ Some moments make up for it (sparse...), and I realize, or remember, but most of the time, you all do as you please, even Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai;; User Image Your cruelty is heartwarming and heartshattering. User ImageAlthough I seemingly complain to feel better, instead of keeping it in, I accept you guys. I always have ever since I befriended each of you. (What would I do otherwise? Change you? Hah!) This is who you guys are. I would want my friends back if you all were always nice to me.

You're lucky I'm so optimistic. If you picked any other roleplayer... Do you know how harsh Kyoya can be?
Ha ha! Among other things, if someone is able to be friends with, to be best friends with, and to be able to handle the Shadow King, wouldn't you say that person is strong?

User Image

You guys see things from Haruhi's point of view. That is where one of his titles "Shadow King" comes from. Let me remind you, the guys don't think so. I certainly don't. (We just think he's annoying, greedy, calm, etc, the normal behavior he is usually seen as is what we think of him. Everything is for comedy anyway. "Complaining" about his traits sounds like slander but it isn't)

Do you think it's cool we are on the same level, aside from being 2nd Years? I can mock him. I can insult him. I can laugh at him. We can argue like best friends. Irritated at each other, screaming, happy, having the best time! Although I can be scared of him at times, overall, I'm not afraid of him. I can compete with him. In the first term of our last year of middle school, I said his face resembles a goblin face, which was SOO COOL. It really is! I was amazed [-genuinely fascinated so the following is sad-] He unfortunately took it as an insult and stretched my cheeks. I thought he was going to kill me 8D

-turns to the dangerous man-
Clearly, you shouldn't be allowed
to leave the house, huh, Kyoya? ^o^ *

User Image User Image

-can't keep a straight face when he's joking-

User Image

Aaah. 8D -pats his friend's back to say he appreciates his friendship- Let's go to class!]

-smiles at his readers- We're really insulting towards each other. Actually, the times I insulted him, I never purposely meant to. I sound insulting by accident. mrgreen Whatever happens, it's really fun!

An example is when I bluntly and easily told him, I didn't want to help him with his cosplay. "Sorry. I really want to, but I can't bring myself to do it" and he can handle the cosplays himself. Slightly amused, he said that was "potentially insulting," but he appreciated me acknowledging his skills. "Really?!" I had no idea it was insulting. I was thankful he said something. "Ha ha, I knew there was a reason I could say it to a girl!" (girl = guest) I wasn't trying to roleplay. I was honestly confiding in him about my trouble. I felt truly sorry I could not feel like helping my best friend because I had helped our (temporary) Kaoru and Haruhi.

I have never tried to be insulting. I just do it;;;. I'm sorry...
That friendship scene wasn't planned, by the way.
My plan was to PM Kyoya to apologize. That was all 8o

I think we understand each other too much. It's proven.

This was about a word choice from a sentence days ago. "The" vs "Your"
He had used "the," which I found strange. I understood why but the word choice still felt a little awkward.
I asked, "The? Ha ha. Don't people normally use "your"...?"

Today's conversation excerpt:

Me: "I thought Kyoya was being distant/unemotional so I didn't push him to do anything but asked him about it"

Kyoya mun:
"He was : ))
You know him."

I grinned.

Note: Topic of best friend will sound repetitive. I deeply apologize for the mess. It feels like I have already said it, I haven't put it in a past journal entry, and I have been postponing it in my mind, waiting for the entry. Some words eventually leak out.

2nd Note: In case no one knows... Gentlemen, the best way to motivate me is to insult me. Not randomly. That's rude ;;.. But if you're talking to me, simply be yourself. Eventually, much later, some time, you will do something offensive, I'll be angry and amused. I won't be able to leave you alone, without a punishment, until I can talk to you. But don't do that when I'm busy at school, home, my study, or I'm hosting in the club room. I won't be able to concentrate on my academics. I'll feel too compelled to log on (phone you/see you in person/stalk downstairs to the car to be driven to your house) and scream at you.

(In reality, my friend will be laughing because he will be in disbelief at all of you every time, which is why my reactions are always shocked. You guys are so impossible and fun. You know, because the host roleplay requirement was to be you (we try to find the originals) and it didn't say anything about coming up with ways to harass me. You guys come up with whatever you think of. I do see it coming and yet, at the same time, I don't. -chuckles- The good thing is I don't have to train you. I can leave you alone to be canon.)

Actually, randomly works 8o Reaction: "-slight frown- What the? -innocent when insulted- What was that for?! ,,,YOU'RE ALREADY MEAN IN THE MORNING?" [Go to sleep. Turn nocturnal. I shall play you a lullaby ^o^ -frowns, confused- Maybe you didn't have breakfast? Or a good morning. Oh, is it possible for that saying to be true?? If you sleep on the wrong side... Ohh. No. Never mind. That causes a sore body and then sour mood!]

Spontaneity is good......I suppose. Seriously though, if you repeat this too much, I would advise against it. I don't want to have high blood pressure or be calmly irritated over a long period of time. It seems funny to be in constant disbelief in how aggravating my friends can be, -places a palm on his chest, closing his eyes, teases- but I don't want to risk my beautiful body and health over trivial people~... -smiles, looking at the hosts and his audience- I did feel like this once. Hikaru and Kaoru kept annoying me. I was 99% okay though I was quick to anger. I was 1% tired. I wanted to feel calm again Dx They apologized later sweatdrop It was the same thing with Ranka-san months ago. He kept pushing, I snapped (in a comical way), was pleasantly irritated at him, wanted revenge for pushing me with too much harassment in a row with no breaks. Of course, I did nothing. All I said was, in my journal, (and please don't take this English seriously) that I wanted to kill him. I said Haruhi would hate me if that happened, she would be without her father, she wouldn't want to speak to me, and she would hate me. Exhaling anger was all. I manually stayed offline for a while. Like everything you do in life, you need a break! Please don't harass me nonstop. I'll be on automatic "Daddy is angry" mode. It's exhausting thinking of expelling all that energy |8o