I have a side no one would ever think that I had. I can get angry, which can make me seem scary to some since I'm mostly quiet. But, they will see it if I show it. This side I have, I keep it under control most of the time, but It comes out when I'm very irritated or mad. And, it takes a lot to get me mad actually. So, I never show it out to people unless someone gets me angry. I would call it "My secret monster" side of myself. Maybe my own "demon" side? No one will really know, except me. Why? Well, I have already said why. There will be only one, or a very small number of people who know about my inner demon I keep hidden away, under lock and key. It is caged away from the surface, until released.. I try my best to keep it away, from ever being shown.. It's a scary thing for it to be let out, or be awakened.. Just think before you act..