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my stories and characters i make up
just stories i write. comment if you like.
It's A Monster's World
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Name: Kroas
Age: 22
Race: Werewolf
Bio: Figure it out if you can

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Name: Sarlen
Age: 18
Race: Human
Bio: Where's the fun in telling you?
Earth Science
AP English
Self Defense

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Name: Angelus
Age: 19
Race: Reaper
Bio: I'd rather not
Self Defense

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Name: Admeta
Age: 21
Race: Siren
Bio: only if your worth it
Marine Science
AP English

~~~~Let's get started~~~~

It was a nice breezy day and the white puffy clouds were traveling lazily in the sky. Angelus sat on the of the roof so his legs hung off the side. He played his black wood flute and watched all the new students and old returning to this wonderful hidden school. this privet school was designed for only special students. students that weren't human to be exact. every student at this school was a different race. everyone here are thought of as the same thing; not real. yet here they where getting a normal education. the music stopped and he sighed some. This would be his first year at this school. He did miss being close to his family, but with all grown children all wanting to do different things it was bound to happen. suddenly a soft female voice broke his thoughts, "Your going to be late for your first class on your first day. what impression is that?"

Angelus looked at his watch and cursed,"*uck..." he jumped off the roof and in a flash his black angel like wings appeared and he landed smoothly on the ground. soon the wings where gone and he rushed quickly to his dorm to get his already set up backpack and his guitar since he had Music first. He saw it as take the best class in the morning and set your day off right. As he ran he avoided running into other guys by dodging them. What stopped him was when he got close to his dorm room he was the bathroom door. he smacked right into it and fell to the ground in a wince. He heard a couple laugh, but he just stood up and rubbed his and walked the rest of the way since his dorm was two doors past the bathrooms. well that was a wonderful way to start his day.

Meanwhile on the other side of the campus, Admeta headed to the library to check out a couple of books on the reading list for this semester. She had a free period before her first class; Chemistry and figured she might as well get a head start on them. Some of the books on the list where ones on her personal list as well which made things a lot more interesting for her. She wasn't planning on doing much the first week anyway. her room mate could drowned for all she cared. If she thought she was hanging out with her for a while she was as her hair color made her out to be.

Walking into the Library she went to the computer and looked up the first book and when she found it wrote it down and looked up the second. Once that was finished and she had both written down, she started to go look for them. She found once and when she found the row the second one would be she smiled, "mmm which one should i read first? and i think I'll go read by the lake." she started to head down when she heard a familiar voice and sighed some. not today it was the first day back and she didn't even have breakfast yet. she chewed on her lip some wondering if she should just wait till he left to grab it or if she should just deal with him. She could wait... but what if someone got the book before her?

Sighing she came up with an idea and pulled out her headphones. she popped them into her ears and then pushed the play button on hoodie. hearing the music playing she smiled and nodded. yes better plan; get book and ignore. problem solved. with this set she walked down the row and hummed to the music as she tried to find the next book. when she found it she tried to reach it and glared a bit. bloody hell! of all the times to be short! she looked to see if a step stool was around and when it wasn't she smirked and started to climb up. if she could pull her self onto a rock with just her arms she could sure as hell do this. the sooner she got the book the sooner she could get out of here.

Sarlen got off of the bus taking a deep breath, she wasn’t supposed to be at this school, none of her friends are here. But somehow she got sucked into this place, and she had no idea where she was or really how she got here, too busy listening to music and writing in her book. Starting to walk down the pathway with all the other children that were walking towards the school she saw something rather strange. A cat jumped from the bushes and turned into a girl. Sarlen tilted her head, ”Alright…Don’t see that every day.” Sarlen continued to walk towards it, determining whether or not she was going crazy. Finding the building that she would be staying in for the next several years of her life she moved through the building and hoped to her room before busting through.

One side of the room was already done, so clearly Sarlen had a roommate, but as she moved to her bed, she noticed the holes in the walls, and the fact that the bed looked worn. Sarlen got to work, she put up her favorite posters, and her bed sheets that were peace signs and black and paint splattered. Putting her clothes away she sighed and started to move back down. Running into the actually school building she tried to find herself through the hallways. Sarlen got into classroom and sighed and looked around, running her fingers through her hair she pulled it to the side before finding a seat and groaning. She dropped her backpack and crossed her legs and waited for class to begin, all the while trying to act like people turning into monsters was a completely normal thing. She must be dreaming…


Kroas leaned against the table in the library and laughed with his friends, Kroas was incredibly tall, he stood at six two and was very lean, he had a lot on his mind. But wouldn’t let anyone see it if he didn’t need too, he continued to laugh his friends were being stupid. Talking about how stupid humans were, and that if only they knew what they would have to deal with. Running his fingers through his red hair he sniffed the air, there was a scent that he could always find…always track. Kroas pushed himself from the table right as Admeta came in view, clearly not looking at him for the very same reason Kroas had no right to really talk to her. But that was going to stop, because Ameta was worth fighting for, not just because she was a Siren either.

For a minute he just stood there and watched as she tried to climb up the shelf, he knew she didn’t want to ask him for help, he moved towards her, pulling the head phone closest to him out of her ear. ”You thought that I would let you come into my view and just walk away?” He grabbed the book and placed it behind his back, ”We need to talk Ameta, and you can do it willing, or I can carry you to our spot we would always go to when we wanted to be along.” Kroas moved lower and looked into her eyes, ”I also didn’t want you knocking all the book shelves down, that would be one start of school.” He moved back up to stand tall and wait for her reply. Kroas could admit that he was wrong, because being a werewolf gave him loyalty, and it didn’t make sense to him, why he wanted to take the break, he knew it was his fault. Kroas didn’t understand why he was pulled to Admeta’s best friend…then again he didn’t know if he cared for Admeta because she was a Siren…

Admeta had his heart on a knife, so if pouring out his heart which he tried to not do on a daily basic was going to have to happen. It would happen, but she would have to record it because Kroas would like to not have to repeat it over and over again, which might be the case…dang this little siren…

Once he got to his dorm Angelus grabbed his back and his guitar. he checked himself over and then headed to his class. He wondered what they would learn today. would they play anything at all? when he got to the music room, he walked in and noticed he had made it before the teacher. he took a seat next to a girl with what looked like pearl white hair. the look on her face showed she must not be having a good morning. humming some, he dug into his backpack and pulled out his two energy bars; he might have it before the teacher came in and caught him.

Angelus looked at the girl and grabbed the second one. he smiled and cleared his throat to get her attention, "you look like you had a long morning. if you need a bit of energy your more then welcome to have the second one" he told her as he showed her the candy bar like item. he wondered when the teacher would show up. Were they not showing up? was class canceled and they weren't told about it? wow this had to be a first for him. he never had a teacher late to class before. normally they were always there and some even hated him.

His thoughts where cut short when a red haired woman showed up and smiled, "sorry about the delay in your class. I was sent here to inform you that your class will be held in the theater. Your teacher is waiting for you there. Enjoy your class." She told them and then left to teach her own class that was starting. Angelus grabbed his stuff and stood up, "this is an unexpected field trip. what do you think our teacher will be teaching us there?" he asked the young girl beside him as she got her stuff ready.

Feeling someone remove her earbud made her scream and when she heard Kroas' voice she glared. if she wasn't holding onto this bookshelf she would have decked him. though what pissed her off even more was when said man grabbed the book and hid it behind him. She huffed and jumped down before looking up at him, "Give me the book Kroas... I'm in no mood" she told him and when he mentioned picking her up and carrying her, she raised her eyebrow. oh he wouldn't! she continued to glare at him and then huffed looking away.

No she was still mad at him. if she looked into his eyes she'd just end up getting lost in those golden amber eyes of his and she'd forget why she was ever mad at him. That wasn't going to happen this time. though part of her wondered if he was to blame or more so her best friend? it was the twits job to seduce men. it was hers two, but the difference between them was she didn't use her voice to get a man to like her. it would only be fake and she wanted it to be real. and with him it was.

NO! NO! stop it stay focused! She shook her head some and took a deep breath. she then looked up at the tail werewolf before her, "fine.... I do owe it to you to at least hear your side of the story. even if a picture is worth 1000 words. how many did she post up?" she asked a little bitterly but reached behind him and snatched the book from him and then started to head out knowing he'd fallow. she had to check out the books and then she'd let him lead her where ever. she didn't plan on letting the whole building hear their wonderful talk. it's why they had found that spot of theirs. so none of the students could hear.

Sarlen looked to the boy sitting next to her, she smiled, her dark blue eyes looking him up and down wondering if he was randomly going to turn into a bird. ”Long, no weird very.” She looked at the bar that he was offering her and gladly took it from him, ”Thank you, clearly someone taught you the sharing is caring.” Sarlen started to eat the bar when she looked at him, ”So…this is my first year here, what is this school?” Sarlen leaned forward, smiling towards him, while her white locks fell towards the ground; her hair was long to her lower waist. In large ringlets, hopefully her mutation colored hair would make her seem different. Sarlen could tell there was something about this school that wasn’t right, but she didn’t know where to start.

When the red haired woman came in, Sarlen watched the man next to her stand up and then wait for her. Grabbing her backpack and putting it on her shoulder she shrugged her shoulders, ”Maybe how to project your voice through a room, the same with the instruments.” Sarlen started to walk with him towards the theater, ”But I’m putting my money on, making the choir part of class sing to see who’s in what range, and making music play, to see who the strangest players are. Either way, I don’t get to eat this bar that’s calling my name.” Placing the bar in the front of her backpack she opened the door for the theater before waiting for the guy to go in. When they were in she took a seat in the back row just away from everyone. Sarlen wasn’t one to just jump in and start meeting everyone like the guy. She liked to watch them first, see what kind of people they were and if she wanted to get to know them at all.

”Sorry for the lack of communication for our class today, seeing how it is the beginning of the year, I need to know where to place everyone, lay down some ground rules on how my class will work and what my goals are for you all this year.” The teacher was a male, and for some reason he was beautiful, if all teachers looked like him, Sarlen was going to find it hard to hate classes. Leaning back into her seat she wondered if the cute guy she was talking to was going to seat next to her or not, it was stop her from drooling over the teacher if he was, and if not… ”We will start with everyone going on stage, you will tell us your name, and a little about yourself, remember you are not to tell people what you are. Then you will sing a song for me thirty seconds to a minute I have a set of notes I want you to hit to see your strongest point. We will do half the choir and half the band today. We will also met her tomorrow to finish, let’s get started.”

Kroas looked down at her, and chuckled at her scream, her voice was beautiful, for obvious reasons, so that wasn’t saying much. Even though that look on Admeta’s face was supposed to be a glare, it just looked cute to Kroas and he smirked at her, watching her jump down he tilted his head like a dog, ”What book…? Oh you’re not that bad, I smell mixed emotions.” He smiled at her, his smile was crooked, and his teeth naturally pointed at the canines, and when she raised her eyebrows at the carrying her out he snickered, ”I’ll do it.”

Kroas waited patiently for her to decision if this was going to go down quiet, or if she was going to be carried kicking and screaming. Plus he had the puppy eyes on his side, not like he enjoy reducing his scary race into something that seemed cute, and got published as big wolves that help sparkling vampires. He really hated that chick for writing that book. Kroas hated a lot of humans for writing things they don’t know and couldn’t even begin to imagine. But for this one short, hot headed, blue haired, irritation of a woman; he would be the best dang dog she wanted. Kroas started clicking his tongue, signaling that it was going to happen in a minute if she didn’t give him an answer.

Kroas smirked when she agreed, ”You do, and some pictures are worth nothing, and they don’t match up to how many we have.” He looked down at her, he wasn’t one for taking pictures while hugging, or kissing. Before knowing Admeta he thought the whole thing was stupid, but when he started dating her, he couldn’t get enough pictures, he wanted to make sure every part, every moment was caught. He had pictures of her sleeping, of her sleeping on his chest, them kissing, and vice versa. Admeta had gotten him so many times when he wasn’t expecting it, and he couldn’t even be mad at her, only growled and kissed her. He let her take the book from his back and began following her. He did that, he was pretty sure he would follow her to the ends of Earth if that’s what she needed.

When she was finished with the book, Kroas took her hand and walked out the door, picking her up he ran, moving fast, went into the forest and parked them in the tree house that he had made for them. It was by the lake Admeta liked the lake, and Kroas wanted there to be a special place for them, he had made it when they first started getting serious. He set her down his body leaned over hers, his eyes staring into her beautiful eyes, ”You like to interrupt when I start talking about something you don’t like, so promise you’ll hear me out all the way to the end. Then you can yell at me if you still think you need too.”

Angelus chuckled and put his hands in his pocket, "I have 2 sisters and an older brother. I'm use to sharing." when she asked what this school was he raised his eyebrow. she didn't know? when she was ready he lead her to the door and held it open for her before walking along side her, "could be. if i do have to sing. i have no idea what I'll do i didn't expect to. as for this school. I'm surprised you don't know. it's a school for what a lot of people labeled us as 'monsters'. it's a place we learn in piece and not feel out of place" he told her and when they got in watched her sit in the back. when the teacher showed up he looked and had to blink. damn! that wasn't a teacher that was a god!!! some drool formed in his mouth a bit, but he snapped out of it when he heard they had to sing. damn. and he was back from his gay side; being bi had it's good moments.

Not wanting to be chosen first he sat down next to the girl he had just met and whispered to her, "you called it in some form" he watched as the teacher called people up using the attendance sheet and when he was called, he groaned and stood up. Once he was on stage he looked at the class and bowed, "my name is Angelus Kazutaka, I enjoy music and being outside. my family is part German and Japanese" he told everyone. when he was told to sing he got an idea and pulled his guitar out of the case and thought of what part of the song to sing and play. when he had it, he began to play and right away started to sing,
"And if you say this life ain’t good enough
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood
Cause you’re so smooth

And just like the ocean under the moon
Well that’s the same emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of lovin that can be so smooth
Gimme your heart, make it real
Or else forget about it"

After he sang he did the guitar solo for the last half of the minute since he had picked to do the bridge and chorus after the second verse. when he was done he stopped and bowed to the teacher and then to the class and once the notes part was done he went back to his seat and smiled at the girl, "ok that was a little more fun then i thought" he said chuckling. Leave it to Angelus to always find the loop hole in everything.

Admeta heard his comment on the pictures and she couldn't deny that. she loved taking pictures with him of him. She had gotten that way after her parents didn't believe she could be happy with a werewolf. but the pictures showed she clearly was. Yes she could have stopped once her parents got off her about dating him, but by then she had gotten hooked on it. plus even if he didn't like the camera, it loved him. she had to keep her self from laughing out loud on that as she checked out her books. she was sapost to be mad at him!!!! how could she be mad at him if she kept going into these memories. ok no more!

When they got out of the building, she noticed he had taken her hand. before she could call him on it, she was picked up and he dashed for the forest to their tree house. she cried out in shock; not expecting it and from almost loosing her books, and held into them tighter. once they were in the safety of their place and she was put down, the first thing she did was put the books on the small table in there. she then looked at him and saw him staring into her eyes. she blinked and tried to look away but she couldn't stop staring into his. that jerk! he did it again! he managed to trap her again. though part of her didn't mind it.

She nodded and blinked some, "sure...." she said simply not trusting her words at the moment. she moved a way and sat down on the mattress that was also in it and leaned against the wall. she crossed her arms and looked up at him, "so start explaining. start from the beginning I enjoy a long story" that was actually true. she didn't mind when someone went on and on to tell a long story. she wanted to get all the details out and know the truth. that and she figured one day if she heard a story fully ridiculous she'd write a book about it. still hadn't heard that story yet, but she didn't give up hope.

Oh sitting on here wasn't helping anything, but it was the only place to sit; and it was on purpose. she could smell his body spray from the many many times they laid or sat together. she could feel his arms around her holding her close as they talked about their day or watched the stars or him comforting her. she hated being mad at him she wanted to forgive him then and there. but she wanted to hear his story first. she wanted to see if he realized what had happened hurt her. the sad thing is the one who always made her smile again after she was upset couldn't help at the moment.

Sarlen listened to him, a school for monsters…she wasn’t dreaming, she was going to a school that if anyone found out she was a human she could easily turn into dinner. Which made her want to move as far away from Angelus as possible, but she had to keep her cool or they would notice, which made her think of a song. ”Well that’s good, I hate it when I don’t feel comfortable learning.” Like she did now… funny how they are all in the right place and somehow she is the one to get thrown here. But she could stare at the teacher…even though she wondered what he was, he was so beautiful she bet he was a vampire. He seduced women with his good looks and wonderful voice then sucked them dry and left them in the dust.

Sarlen started to go pale, she felt sick to her stomach and wondered if she could run away right now. Watching the boy go up stage that she was talking to she listened to his name, his name was Angelus, and she took Angelus’s bar and chucked it across the theater as fast as possible without him noticing while he bowed, she was not about to bite into something that could fatten her up so he could snack on her. Sarlen let out a relieved breath and started to listen to him sing. He had a really good voice, too bad it was evil, evil voice. When he was done everyone clapped and so did Sarlen, when he sat down next to her again she felt her heart drop and not in the good way either. ”You made it look fun, you’re really good.”

Sarlen was really quiet, she was going to put it off on being considerate to everyone who was singing, but soon enough it was her turn. She stood up and moved on stage, normally she would be happy to be in front of people, but now she just felt like she was going to throw up. ”Hello… my name is Sarlen May Green and I like pizza and rock climbing…” ’Staying alive.’ ”and more than anything, I love to sing…” The song that came to mind was Monster- lady gaga but she had a feeling that might not be the right thing to sing. So she started to sang something else:

”Go and fix your make up girl it’s just a break up
Run and hide your crazy and start acting like a lady
Cause I raised you better gotta keep it together
Even when you fall apart but this ain’t my mama’s broken heart

Wish I could be just a little less dramtic like a Kennedy when Camalot
Went down in flames, leave it to me to be holdin’ the matches when the
Fire trucks show up and there’s nobody else around to blame
Can’t get revenge and keep a spotless reputation
Sometimes revenge is the choice you gotta make.

When she did the scales she went back to her seat and swallowed hard, don’t let him see, ”How was I?” She asked putting on the best big fake smile she could muster. When she got to her room she was going to pack and find a way out of this one way trip to Dinnerville, and she didn’t know if they followed the sharks on finding nemo’s rule, humans are friends not food.

Kroas sighed, of course she was going to make him tell the whole darn story, ”Okay, fine.” He pushed himself away from Admeta and sat down crossing his legs and arms, ”Okay, I didn’t think about a break at all, and suddenly it was like I needed to do it, I don’t know what came over me. Then there your friend was, and I felt like I needed to be with her…and it was out of nowhere one minute all I can think about is seeing you next and the other all I can think about was her… When I was away from her you started to come back to mind but when I was around her, she won…like I needed to do whatever it took to make her happy…

She started to kiss me, and I kissed back, and she took pictures of us saying that it would make her so happy. I didn’t have the strength to fight her, when she kissed me I just felt happy and like my will to fight her was losing. Then when you found out she just wanted more…it got to the point I thought I would die without her I needed to be with her…but when she left for a couple of days, my mind cleared. I could only think of you again, your hair, your eyes… you’re my heart lies, a wolf mates for life and I want you not her, so I as bad as it sounds, hid from her. When she called I didn’t answer and when she knocked on my door and told me just to answer the door, I jumped out the window. She wanted me to show her this spot, but this is yours, and I didn’t want that…and here we are…I had considered killing her but I didn’t know how you would feel about that.”
Kroas moved closer to her and grabbed her waist, pulling her underneath him, holding her down as he moved close to her, placing his forehead against hers, ”I wouldn’t hurt you…”

Kroas put his hand on Admeta’s cheek, taking in a deep breath before moving away from her slowly hoping that she would believe him.

Angelus smiled and bowed his head at her. when she went up he watched and actually tapped his foot to the song she sang. when She came back he smiled more and clapped, "your amazing. you really got into it" he told her and hummed some. there was something off with her. he noticed her aura and blinked. he then looked deeper and he realized why she was different. When the Teacher wasn't paying attention he took her hand and whispered, "come with me" he told her and lead her farther into the back of the theater before he snuck her out of the place. he had to talk to her about this.

When they where out he let go of her hand and looked at her, "your human aren't you. it's why you didn't know what this school really was. it's why you look like your sitting on needles" he told her and frowned. he ran his hand threw his hair, "how did you even get here? no human has ever gone here before. at least that's what I was told." he could tell from her aura she was pretty scared and smiled softly, "you don't have to worry about me. what i am doesn't attack humans. actually we protect them from well everyone at this school and more. and when a person dies we protect their soul and make sure it goes on" he told her and bowed his head, "so you don't have to be scared of me. i actually use to be human up till 3 years ago" he told her a little about him so she hopefully would relax a little.

when he saw she was he ran his hand threw his hair again, "if you don't want someone to find out you have to relax. since no one is allowed to reveal who they are no one will know and you won't know what they are. just look at them like they were just normal people." he told her and smiled reassuringly, "and don't worry, I'll keep your secret, and keep you safe" he told her and then opened the door softly so they could sneak back to their seats. he didn't want to get in trouble on the first day. plus this was his favorite class he was not going to screw up in this one.

Admeta smiled a bit pleased she won that argument and listened to him explain. the more he did she started to realize what happened and she grew even more angry, but not at him. no she was pissed off at her now ex best friend. that little *hore!!!!!! she manipulated her boyfriend!!!!! how dare she!!! oh that low life!!! it was agents the rule in all races to stay away from another's mate! Kroas was her mate and hers alone!!!! she was going to rip that pretty pink hair right out of her *ucking skull!!!!! the more he explained her eyes glowed. oh this *itch was going to die.

Her thoughts where cut short when he grabbed her waist and pulled her under him. she looked into his eyes and feeling his forehead on hers she wanted to just lean up and kiss him. oh his hand on her cheek made her want to nuzzle into it but he moved away from her. she sat up and moved closer laying her head on his shoulder and nuzzled his neck, "I know you won't. i should have realized it was her using her abilities on you this whole time. though school rules or not she broke a major rule and i have every right to do what i plan on doing to that no good dirty stupid *lut of a girl" she said her purple eyes glowing again as she smirked thinking of all the wonder things she was going to do.

Snapping out of her dark twisted imagination she looked at him and touched his cheek, "I love you. i don't need to use my abilities to make someone love me. i know someone already does they love me for real" she told him and kissed him softly before laying her head on his chest. the sound of his heart beat relaxed her more and part of her didn't want to go to her next class, but she had heard the stories about this teacher about what happens if skip class. she looked up at her boyfriend and blinked, "mmm do you have Chem. first? i remember last semester before summer you saying you were going to sign up for it" maybe they had the same teacher? well she knew who her lab partner would be. though she also wanted miss thing to be in there. she wanted someone to blow up.

Sarlen smiled softly at him when he said that, he was sweet, still evil, but sweet. When he grabbed her hand her breath caught, he knew! As he pulled her away she felt like she was going to scream, but she couldn’t do that either. All that would do is have everyone looking at them and wondering why she was freaking out, so she followed him and thought about how she was going to defend herself from a…whatever he was. Her heart was pounding faster than she ever thought was possible.

Sarlen backed herself against a wall when he looked at her, he did know, he laid it out, and she felt herself start to cry a little, her heart was beating so fast she could barely hear his words, she moved and hide behind her hair hoping he wouldn’t see just how scared she really was. He said she didn’t have to worry about him, but how could she not? Sarlen bit her bottom lip and took in a shaken breath, ”Great so if someone kills me I know you’ll find me.” Sarlen looked at him and frowned, her dark blue eyes hidden by her hair, this was one of the reason she never cut it, because in times when you can’t feel strong it’s like a curtain over your face.

But she took a deep breath and her heart rate started to go down, she frowned, ”Easy for you to say, just how you feel sitting in a room full of humans, I am now that human sitting in a swarm of super beings…how am I supposed to look at them like that? To act like I shouldn’t be scared, it’s hard enough dealing with school, but dealing with this…” Sarlen frowned deeply, he said he would keep her safe, but could she really trust him? ”Well…I got scared of your bar and threw it on the other side of the theater.” Sarlen moved into the door and found her seat again, she was supposed to act like this was all normal, that nothing strange was going on.

She was so out of her element, she didn’t have to worry about this at other schools; her biggest concern was who was going to say the next terrible thing to her. Sarlen looked at Angelus could she really trust him? Sarlen was still going to make a break for it, maybe she could get out of here and find her parents before anyone else found her out. People who weren’t as nice as he was, ”alright that is about all for today, you are free to go a little early before your next class.” Sarlen grabbed her back and bolted, she didn’t know if he would follow her, maybe he wouldn’t, but she was going to try to pack her bags before anyone else grabbed her hand and had her sneaking out of classes…normally she would have loved the idea of that.

Kroas hated talking, it was like razors coming out of his mouth, he was more of a silent type, and that wasn’t even a lot to say but it took a lot for him to get through it. Kroas knew she was mad, and didn’t know if she was about to hit him, or what, but her eyes were glowing and he had learned that was never a good sign. He wouldn’t fight her back, but he also wouldn’t let her use him as a punching bag, there is only so much a man could take for the person that he loved.

When she followed and put her head on his shoulder, Kroas was relieved, she didn’t hate him, that’s a good start. ”I’m sorry…I feel like I should have been able to fight it more. I just have a thing about killing girls, and I didn’t know how you would take it, I didn’t want to do anything that you would hate me for.” He smiled, she had a dirty mouth, but he thought she was so beautiful when she was mad, even if the glow around her was a hateful one, it still caused her to be beautiful to him. ”Does name calling make you feel better?” He asked, tilting his head towards her, his red eyes glancing to the side to see her.

Feeling her touch he let out a low growl, ”I love you too Admeta, you do have love, and you’re stuck with me.” He kissed her back, and ran his fingers through her hair. ”I do have chem first not like I’m looking forward to it. Didn’t you and your…um…ex friend sign to be lab partners?” Kroas pulled her to his lap, ran his fingers along her hair and lightly pulled on it, kissing against her neck, as his hands moved along her back pulling her closer to him, ”Admeta, my love, you can’t kill anyone in class, you can’t leave me alone in that terrible class. You’ll just go in together and ask if we can be lab partners instead alright?”

Kroas could hear her heart beat pick up lightly, he loved the way that she smelled, he didn’t want to go to class, he would much rather, take off her pants (bet you thought I was going to say something bad huh? ) and chuck her into the lake. Then jump in right after and spend all day just together seeing how their summer together was ruined by the should have been best friend.


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