I'm not even graduating, and I've been crying all morning.

My computer crashed this morning, otherwise I had a really sentimental entry written up (which I was crying heartily during the creation of...).

My friends are all leaving. My SENIOR friends I'll never ever see again.

I've changed this year because of them. I'm scared for them, happy for them, and just want them to be back in the fall...

I learned a lesson from a senior earlier this week, and I really wish I had known it earlier. (better late than never, though...)

She liked a guy, and last week finally plucked up the courage to tell him she liked him.

Turns out, he liked her back, but as it was so close to graduation, he politely declined. they'd never see each other again, anyways...

moral of the story: If you want something, go after it.

... then I run into an issue. What DO I want?

WHO do i MOST want?


should be a pretty quiet day from here on out.

Stayed up late having one last goof-off session with the buds (singing in the hallway... essentially every song from Sound of Music, then transitioning to everything else...), woke up early to have breakfast with the roomie.

Saw her off this morning, helped a few other friends pack up, and watched graduation on my laptop with one of the summer roomies.

and now I'm here.

At the station 12-6p today.

7-12 tomorrow.


actually, that's a lie. there's a whole list of stuff I need to accomplish while I'm here...

finish up a calendar thing, work on mobile sites, fix the tracking timing for tonight, track tomorrow, sunday, and monday, make sure i know what I'm doing with a brand-new something.

... right then. almost halfway done.

sooooo tired....