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Areiku's Journal
Contains Item Lists, Avatar Art, Dedications and Thoughts.
Rig Items I Own Part V (T-W)
*Updated every time I buy 10+ items

User Image
Tiger and Bunny
Barnaby Brooks Jr.
Wild Tiger
Blue Rose
Sky High
Fire Emblem
Origami Cyclone
Dragon Kid
Rock Bison
SDSuper+ T&B01 Kotetsu
SDSuper+ T&B02 Wild Tiger
SDSuper+ T&B03 Barnaby
SDSuper+ T&B04 Bunny
SDSuper+ T&B05 Karina
SDSuper+ T&B06 Blue Rose
SDSuper+ T&B07 Keith
SDSuper+ T&B08 Sky High
SDSuper+ T&B09 Pao-Lin
SDSuper+ T&B10 Dragon Kid
SDSuper+ T&B11 Ivan
SDSuper+ T&B12 Origami Cyclone
SDSuper+ T&B13 Nathan
SDSuper+ T&B14 Fire Emblem
SDSuper+ T&B15 Antonio
SDSuper+ T&B16 Rock Bison
SDSuper+ T&B17 Yuri
SDSuper+ T&B18 Lunatic

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Trinket Heart
Beloved Velveteen
Blue Babushka
Bunny Kites
Cat's Tangle
Classic Marcella
Decadent Frosting
Dream Dollhouse
Green Babushka
Helical Trick
Highwire Amaryllis
Hold 'em Ace
Jump Rope
Kaleidoscope Vision
Little Wagon
Little Drummer
Loveliest Petshop
Lucky Golden Peikko
Lucky Verdant Peikko
Lucky Violet Peikko
Mathematical Spiral
Mechanical Doll
Melodious Cantata
Model Locomotive
Mystix Dance
Nichigatsu Kendama
Plastic Commando
Pogo Ponies
Puzzling Pieces
Red Babushka
Riddle Me
Royal Cavalier
Scandalous Tabs
SDPlus #418 Melody
SDPlus #419 Caius
SDPlus #420 Riddle
SDPlus Real S49 Finni
SDPlus Real S50 Lowkei
Soft Lil Leoli
Sparkling Bright Lights
Sweet Kreme Cake
Tunnu the Bear
Yo-Yo Mi
Yo-Yo Yu

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Alice's Card Tricks
Alfie in Underland
Ammo Box
Black Ice Weaponry
Blind Oracle
Cheshire Kitten
Commanderess of Hearts
Conqueror's Winter
Dark Valkyrie
Dead Korps
Executioner of Spades
Hazard Shock Trooper
Ice Jotunn
Jaydis the White Queen
Knave of hearts
Lighthammer Dash
Medical Attention
Military Formal
Militia Stars Air Force
Militia Stars Army
Militia Stars Navy
Mock Turtle
Nanook Lord of the Polar Bears
Navy Formal
Nouveau Autumn
Nouveau Winter
Prideful Revolt
Russian Winter
SDPlus #348 Jabberwock
SDPlus #349 Caterpillar
SDPlus #350 Queen of Hearts
SDPlus #351 Mad Hatter
SDPlus #352 Alfie
SDPlus #353 White Rabbit
Snow Animals
SOF Tundra
The Jabberwock
The Mad Hatter
Tweedle Numero Dos
Tweedle Numero Uno
War Medals
White Rabbit Nurse
Ye Olde Helmets

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Valefor Academy
Arcane Gem-stone Broom
Arcanic Circle
Artificer Apprentice
Bad Book
Baine's Hunt
Caretaker Tia
Clockwork Headmaster
Crimson Magic Ink
Crystal Flower
Cyan Magic Ink
Demonic Detention
Enchantress's Shade
Evergreen Bound Broom
Firebird Feather Broom
Goblin Hipster
Hocuspocus Hair
Indigo Dribbly Candles
Ivory Dribbly Candles
Lady Alzbeta
Lavender Dribbly Candles
Mage School
Magic School Bags
Master of Ebon Studies Lectern
Melchior the Meowl
Miko Gakko
Mortality Memory
Murder's Flock
Scarlet Dribbly Candles
SDPlus #310 Lady Alzbeta
SDPlus #311 Professor Sarris
SDPlus #312 Brewmaster Barleyfist
SDPlus #313 Professor Hana
SDPlus #314 Quentin
SDPlus #315 Caretaker Tia
SDPlus #316 Headmaster Weston
SDPlus #317 Duelist Baine
SDPlus #318 Doctor Isaac
SDPlus #319 Professor Lorraine
Spectacular Buntacular
Summon of the Fire Spirit
Petal Professor Hana
Unseen Wizard
Violet Magic Ink
Wizard's Grand Gala
Wizard's Brew

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Verdant Grove
Astra-110: Verdant Waltz
Astra-111: Wisteria Breeze
Bat Companion
Beyond Brown
Chirpy Chubs
Dark Forest Style
Daylight Toro the Bulltaur
Demeter's Wreath
Dirge's Serenade
Divine Deity
Emery Flower
Energetic Plantimal
Evening Toro the Bulltaur
Evertree Embrace
Fairy Ellette
Le Pavot Rose
Lila Fa
Mane Unihorn
Misguided Brother
Misguided Sister
Pahn's Horns
Primrose Path
Raccoon Companion
Ruby Toadstool
Sapphire Cave
SDPlus #469 Ellette
SDPlus #470 Dirge
SDPlus #471 Pahn
SDPlus #472 Kinrui
SDPlus #473 Toro
SDPlus #474 Primrose
Shortcake the Strawberry Plush
Syndarian Summoner
The Forest Fawns
Wood Sea
Yggdrasil Fae

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Walking Dead
Bag of Guns
Bamf The German Shepherd
Blackened Blood
Bloodied Hazard Mask
Bloodstained Axe
Bloody Bucket
Bloody Bunny Slippers
Bloody Cowboy Hat
Bloody Hacksaw
Bloody Organs
Bloody Teddy Bear
Bloody Trenchcoat
Broken Glass Injury
Daryl's Hunting Crossbow
Dead Eyes Pink
Dead Eyes White
Dead Eyes Yellow
Dead Inside
Gas Can
Half Eaten
Heavy Zombie Bites
Infected Zombie Bites
Messy Eater
Paw T-Shirt
Rick's Bandage
Rick's Bloody Bandage
Rotted Cheek
Rotting Undead Arms
Rotting Undead Eyes
Rotting Undead Legs
Sawed Cuffs
Stainless M1911 Sidearm
Torn Lips
Undead Hand
Undead Severed Head
Walking Dead Poster A
Walking Dead Poster B
Walking Dead Poster C
Zombie Bites
Zombie Buddy
Zombie Hunting Rifle
Zombie Peg Leg
Zombie Stomping Boots
Zombies At The Door

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Winter's Tale
Black Ice Witch
Blue Russian
Etah the Samoyed Puppy
Fern Frost Scarf
Fern Glacier Scarf
Flurry Madame
Frostmancer's Garb
Icicle Wings
Icy Frosting
Lord of Snow
Northern Chill
Queen of the Frozen North
Tuktu the Reindeer Companion

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Wrath of Gaia
Abundant Garden
Albino Bat Companion
Alex the Raccoon
Ancient Defender
Bird of Paradise
Celestial Emissary
Cobalt Heaven Piercing Drill
Crimson Heaven Piercing Drill
Crowning Twister
Earth Mood Bubble
Fisher King
Flowery Trellis
Fungi Village
Go Green Mood Bubble
Green Intentions
Hazmat Suit
Homemade Sidekick
Hyena Companion
Lava Flow Dress
Oilstained Conductor
Overgrown City
Overgrown Ruins
Paradise Lost
Pollution Growth
Quintessence of Decay
Rainy Day
Recycle Mood Bubble
Sapling Scarf
Scorch Scarf
SDPlus #146 Mademoiselle
SDPlus #147 Sweet Porridge
SDPlus #148 Bibbles
SDPlus #175 Detective
SDPlus #176 Thief
SDPlus #202 Gaia-sama
SDPlus #203 Seidh
SDPlus #209 White Queen
SDPlus #210 Black King
SDPlus Real S28 PRlSM
SDPlus Real S29 Milkbun
SDPlus Real S30 Fayren Pickpocket
Sludge Mood Bubble
Solar Mage
Squall Scarf
Stag Companion
Steamgear Desperado
Strawberry Mood Bubble
Sunny Mood Bubble
Surf Scarf
Toxic Kitten
Toxic Mood Bubble
Transforming Oil
Wind Turbine

FoxDemonAreiku V2
Community Member
FoxDemonAreiku V2
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