I like to imagine myself in a wide, open field of sunflowers when I'm feeling down. I can feel the wind blowing, the petals from the flowers riding with the wind, the wind blowing through my hair, and the smell from the flowers in the wind. I'm sitting there, just smiling, as I look at the flowers around me, and I'm happy. They seem to help light up my face into a happy smile, so to speak. I see some of the flowers looking towards the sun, almost worshiping its bright, warm glow. The wind makes a cool breeze to help with the warmth of the sun. While I sit in the field of sunflowers, I feel nothing but peace, calmness, and most of all happiness. The flowers, with their bright yellow petals and sweet fragrance, are among the things I love to look at when I'm feeling sad inside. They give me a "sunny" feeling inside. I guess you can say I give off a feeling like the flowers do to me. Flowers can help with certain feelings you may be going through sometimes, it does for me.