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Stillborn: 305 Gaia cash 5/15
Geno: 192 Gaia cash 5/15

1. 3 Seven Seas

Sold for
1. 96,000/96,000/96,000

After 2%:
1. 94,080/94,080/94,080

Total profit:

Extra Gold:

Total Gold:

1. 80,000 Gaia Cash
2. 51,000,000 Gaia Gold
3. 550 Seven Seas ( at selling 93k/per )

How it all works:

149 Gaia cash = 1 Seven Seas
1 Seven Seas = 93.1k if sold for 95/per
If 95/per into N accounts for 1 Seven Seas to 51m
Total accounts needed; 550 at 1 Seven Seas per account
But if 2 Seven Seas if sold at 95/per with 93.1k after 2%
Total accounts needed drops to: 275;
total gaia cash need per account; 298; Easily obtained via offers/videos

If 550 Seven Seas sold at 95/per with outcome of 2%; 93/EVEN
Total value; 51,000,000 Gaia Gold
Total gaia cash needed for 550 Seven Seas; A lot.

Rough generalization;
If Q = Quest, N = Number, D = days, P = Accounts, D = Donations/Seven Seas

If P = High, N of D drops for Q
If Q price remains the same, N/D will drop somewhat regularly.
If D from P = random; N/D will see random spikes and Q will continue to increase
Q remains constant there for is theoretically unchanging.
thus Q is the result of N/P x D
If more P/D, or More P/Gaia Cash
N/D drops steadily