My Spirit Animal: The Discidae Zodiac

You are : the Earth Firefly

Element : The element of earth is one of stability and tempered strength, associated with work, maturity, wisdom, and the shamanic path. Earth is patient, knowing all things come with time. It has a power born of knowledge of self and years of practice. It is an element of materialism as well, especially money.

Animal : The firefly is a rare creature in that it can create its own light to attract a mate. They are symbols of hope, spirit, and midsummer nights, bringing comfort in the midst of adversity. They are associated with children and with romance, especially first love.

Summary : the Earth Firefly is a stable, constant source of light for those around it. Though it may not shine as bright as some, it is reliable, bringing hope and kindness. It is not as fragile as most fireflies either, the earth element providing endurance and strength.