I guess I feel sad now because my relationship seems to be like a time bomb now, waiting to end.

We got in another fight today, about the same things, it feels like time is running out and I am trying to get better bit by bit but every time, it is a bit different. It's been awhile since I have cried so hard... or not, I don't even remember anymore.

I am currently home on my one week break from spring to summer semester, but I really wish it was a break. I have hardly gotten anything done and I guess I might get one day to relax.

Friday was a chill day, Saturday it rained but we went to World of Nations and then chilled the rest of the day. Sunday I went to church, lunch at home with Kai and some family then chill then go to dinner with Devon and Kai. Then Kai's home. Monday-Tuesday, I just went to work and then apartment, not much, watched some videos and played some games and had Five Guys for dinner. Tuesday day, just showered, back to Kai's house, chilled then BJ's then burgers for dinner then World Market and Wal-Mart then back to Kai's where we had a fight. Fun stuff .-.

I know I need to sleep, but I don't feel great. I know I am just upset now, but I want to stay up because I want to be miserable tomorrow, I don't even care .-.

I still need to repack my stuff for the summer semester but meh, I guess I will do that tomorrow because I have time, just dentist at 8 and then lunch with Ani then packing and getting ready to leave Thursday morning .-.

I hope things get better and everything will work itself out... I really hope so hard =/