ok peeps.

I honestly do NOT want to study.

and I have about half an hour before I need to be anywhere.

and roomie 2 is asleep, so I'm sitting in a quiet corner, with a small lamp as my only source of light.

- This summer I am getting a tattoo. it'll be a treble clef, inside of my left foot under my ankle. I secretly want my future husband to get a matching bass clef... haha.

- Fuzzy wuzzy makes me giggle. a lot.

- I like the Commons food.

- I don't even like PR that much. Technical writing, anyone?

- Ireland. it WILL happen after graduation.

- I can't imagine myself being any other size than what I am right now.

- I'm trying to live without any more regrets.

- ... because I still don't know how to to get over the things I regret now.

- fried food is disgusting, yet I eat it anyways.

- Feet, knees, and elbows are the most disgusting body parts ever.

- I don't think I ever completely got over Z.

(- Every time the song Arms by Christina Perri plays, I think of him....)

- In fact, I wish all of high school ended up different than it had.

- Being a ginger is the best thing on the planet.

- I've been known to ignore people on facebook who are illiterate or babble like young adolescents.

- but very, very few instances will I actually un-friend someone.

- I'm hurt when i discover I've been unfriended, or my friend request has been ignored.

- Facebook is stupid.

- I remember years and years ago when I first started this website that I did everything possible to have some gold. I had a wishlist a mile long. Now I can afford 90% of the stuff on it, but don't care anymore.

- My guilty TV pleasure is HGTV. Got super sick this summer and discovered House Hunters is good for an upset stomach, and have been watching it ever since.

- I still really want to be a bartender.

- and I've honestly thought about going to cosmetology school after I graduate from this college.

- I'm excited for summer housing. SRSLY, we have theeeee best and most convenient room in the entire building.

- I'm too scared to be hopeful that I'll end up talking to our male neighbors.

- My current celebrity crushes are Robert Downey Jr, Alex Pettyfer, and Simon Baker.

- Liam Hemsworth kind of really freaks me out, honestly.

- I wish I was into indie music.

- College has killed my love of piano. Maybe one day it shall be rekindled to what it once was...

- Piercings are planned. A LOT of them. :]

- It's less common today, but I still play the "what if" game with colleges.

- Found out said senior from a few posts ago isn't graduating with his class. cue the confusion.

- It is absolutely ridiculous how many guys I've liked this year.

hmm... there are lots more. but it's almost time, so I shall go now. Ciao~