17th of June, 1580- As riding in the rickety, silent carriage, Jasper Dunworth, listening when his parents were arguing of how they were going to let his only son go into the Queen Marianna to become a servant in her castle. Jasper no where more than 6 years old and never considered of living like a servant or even knowing who Queen Marianna. Staring out the window, with his wide brown eyes, he never saw the country sides.
"He's just a little boy. He can't handle a job now." his mother whispered to her husband.
"He'll be fine. Besides, during this time there are others who would race, walking on their hands just to get any position of where he is now. He'll thank us later in life for this." As he urged to calm her.
"But what if he doesn't know how to be a servant in time? Will you throw him into coal mines then? This is our son we're risking." As the worried mother begged him to reconsider.
"No. He can do it. If we turn back now, there will be no better future for him. This is the best we can do for him." Standing his ground.
" 'this is the best we can do for him now.' I can't believe you just said that." Scoffing at his words.
Glaring irritably, "Do not test me woman. If I would thought of something better, then we wouldn't be doing this."
She ended the conversation with an angry, disappointed huff through her nose.
As tensions passed with time,in a half an hour they arrived at Castle Oxrosé.