I love reading. There's just a certain magical quality to sitting down and indulging myself with a good book. At least, that's how I see it. Whenever I have free time, I would go to a book store and just stay for hours browsing books. It would take me forever to finally decide on a book. Then once I get home and read it, it'd take me like a few hours to finish it. It depends on the book though. If I made a good choice then I could never put my book down. I've tried going to bed once, but I ended up reading with a flashlight. (My eyesight is probably s**t because of that habit.)
The most recent book I finished is The Fault In Our Stars by John Green. I finished it in about more or less 12 hours. It's definitely one of my favorite books. I determine what books go into my favorites if i ever reread them. And this book, I've reread so many times to count. If you haven't read it yet, I strongly suggest that you do!
Reading this book made me cry so much. I was just a mess when I finished it. And even when I reread it I still cry as if I've only read it for the first time. Of all the books I've read in my life, not many could make me cry like this one did. It was just so beautifully written. And the characters are just so wonderful. I really want to meet them and have a discussion.
There is also a movie adaptation for The Fault In Our Stars. I'm a little bit excited but also a little wary. I'm so in love with the characters that I don't want some actor to tarnish that. It'd be great if they cast the right people. (i.e. the Harry Potter cast, totally in love with them.) But sometimes I just wish that they'd leave it a book. Although I'm really happy for the author that his book is going to the big screen.
The next book I'me about to read is a classic. It's a collection of Sherlock Holmes adventures by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. There are like twelve stories overall. I like to really go into and analyze these kind of books so it's probably take longer for me to read. Although it'll still be rather quick seeing as there are other books I have waiting for me to read.
Time to enter a world where anything can happen.