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Inane Wanderings
A blog about....well about....something. Really.
Gaia's A Dog, Booty Grab Is A Fire Hydrant
So shortly after I wrote yesterday's entry, we all found out the hard way that the cap on daily earnings from Booty Grab had been lowered from 150K to 100K per Gaian Day.

I'm not going to sit here and rant about how stupid a move that is...well, maybe a little. It IS stupid, and I don't see how it serves the 10 remaining players left on this site. Especially after Lanzer spouts bullsh*t like this in the first post of the 4/29/13 Ask The Admin thread:

One thing we want you to be aware of is this: We've heard your feedback, and the focus moving forward will be even more towards our Gaia Online community, and working to continue maintaining and growing this amazing site. We've made the decision to put less focus on multiple game titles, and the consolidation of teams (such as Heralds of Chaos) is what happened last week. While we aren't going to say that we'll never work on other off-site projects again, the focus is back on you, our loyal Gaia community.

Uh, yeah. Right. Let's do this by changing things so those who are here and like to play Booty Grab will be here less because they can't play as much.

But even though this move is ill thought out and makes no sense whatsoever if their goal really is attracting more players and retaining the ones they have, the bottom line is: they have every right to make it.

This is their site. They can do whatever they want to it. We play for free for the most part.

This means we have one right: the right to leave.

I expect that more and more people, especially low to midrange tank owners, who are already having trouble attracting enough players to make their tanks break even, let alone be profitable, are going to say the hell with it. It's work running a tank (links to all my previous journal entries on this very subject omitted; you're bright, you can find them if you want), and if you don't get players and you don't make any gold it's just not worth it. It's disheartening.

Worse, it doesn't sour you just on aquariums; it makes the whole site look less like a fantasy world and more like an open cesspit.

So no, people don't just stop for the day and go do other Gaian things; they stop for the day and LEAVE THE SITE.

That's your one right in action right there.

In the interest of honest and fair disclosure, this change isn't going to affect me very much personally. In the last 8 weeks I've hit the 150K limit once. Most days I barely grab 75K due to the hell my real life has become. Putting real fish back in my tank is looking less and less likely in any kind of foreseeable future.

However, I still have a lot of tank owners I count as friends. I still use Booty Grab to turn my head off when it needs time away. Despite all the festering sores, I still give a damn.

So I'm saying this is yet another stupid, boneheaded maneuver that looks more like it's trying to kill off Booty Grab slowly than "rebalance" anything. Does anyone really think anyone there at Gaia, Inc. has enough time or brainpower left to do the math it would require to really balance Booty Grab (and which should have been done years ago at the beginning of this ill-conceived exercise)?

Me neither.

However, that is NOT the worst of it. The worst of it is that they did it and DIDN'T MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT IT. Yeah, yeah, I know there was a half-assed apology in this week's ATA thread and then a way too late announcement well after many people were prematurely cut off by the new limit.

That, my friends and readers, is f*cking disrespectful.

If this is how they put "focus ... back on you, our loyal Gaia community." (see lanzer's quote above), someone's got their head shoved so far up their ass they have to open their mouths to see.

That's why it's all bullsh*t. Talk is cheap. Actions do indeed speak louder than words.

And this action has been a large, very loud shout.

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