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Book Of Samuel VI ( Rated PDA : Parental Digression Advised)
A book of what is a perception contains that of relevance. Yet confusing is the truth and mostly accepted that of younger generations without that of elder to be lie or anything they just want to accept or not.
Suffering The Persecution Unknown
And to see them... it grieves not only me of the acts in my heart, but they cannot see reason that of a sufferer though they are or I that which causes.

Love they each know an act, but knew it not the definition. In the mind one cries if not more, tolerant of many.

Greater is the life that grieved each sorrow and endured of its trials.

Perfect was a life, not by many a man. I regret to say, Christ lives in each mind though people deny who or what it a cross or God or something of truth is; to a point of turning to heresy and hurting the honest casting them down.

I wanted them to wake up and know what was principle not false and that of which was denied but true. (A defender of much and with a heart stone cold.) I am not God. I am human like they.

They deny life existed over thought which indeed is or was so. Wicked and good had forgiven me a man, yet beloved was Christ first also a man. They shall see their way as many fall even with that of life.

Temporal gain they have materialistic, domestic, and pride, and not satisfaction. I unlike they who take for granted or knowledgeable, I am satisfied a man who knew much loss and so I found my answers to that hard trial.

Unlike they, I knew compassion and what they as well as I could not keep though a heart was twisted and noble. They have no system where we had not cursed universal to that of much of what we were in power of, or could not we maintain.

A bunch of society with that of science cannot disprove what is life though they both were of life and it being life came first above all matter and intellect.

To be proven of things that existed as the world digs itself to a deeper hole with such conservation not to let nature heal in due time and living manner with technicalities.

What is it they twist about truth?
Define in that statement they a liar, and manipulator, but of motive.
Failure to handle matters that were not good for the public.

I say my word now though people hate me though the scripture was not my words.
That of which some try to get me to doubt or disbelieve was a guide remembered.
In portions of clarity to the life and not hopefully proven but believed first by truth?

Woe to that man who messed with a mind to that the deepest of soul and heart.
No logic can match up to what one has to endure physically.
The matter is, they deny life over such case and make the dumber seem wise.

How stupid can a world beyond that universal go?
This separated a man, a distinction of human, and those who were wicked or good.
I am saddened sexuality is more important than one's life or living.

Regret that of relations one does also with that of sane mind.
They promoted the sickness of people and I say ignorance like shadow is choice.
But there is much more than that which is good.

On a social network people call life a game.
It is no game to me or those who need to communicate.
There is much depression and sickness in the youth over taught by tech as a want.

Though a man wants something besides this or suffering.
The person saw himself all sides though still living.
But there is no comparison to that which is neglect.

And so society as well approves of it and so did many those an elder.
What is the adult world to them is a sickness where the kid defined not such.
I regret much of what I could have done over being honest.

For this reason I state to them all they had not persecuted God.
Though God of a man died on a cross...
Life lives in all and its manifests.

They will disprove much by ripping the currents of possibility.
There is no avail to this though science defines or came close to everything.
There is actually no excuse.

Even for me to be here now and saying words that one knows to a non-listener.
Why do I preach? First of all there is a freedom of speech under that of scripture.
Second is that of a freedom to express as long as one is not violent a extremist.

You have good and bad dictation and people fail to speak their own.
I may be young but that book is no tome as we got it from other lands.
Take not they their own advice or see it with distinction a life?

I fail to say there is a Christian in many or more these the heretics persecuted.
A Pharisee compared to a scribe is in the mind.

But also that which knew in this mind is true according to my suffering and no opinion basis but a fact also of such mistakes or rather living.

They wanted to write false and call it true knowing such was true and they could deny but know it still exist. The people of the scribe wrote down and broke it apart the beliefs to people of factions.

Yes, sadly the scribe wrote the words not from mouth as branches fall with fruit and stuff and artifacts are lost as not all are meant to be dug up from the ground as the land cannot heal. You have those honest and those a mockery to believing all fiction should be considered factual with mostly that of imagery towards the sexes and art of profane manner.

Spared from that the scribe the law can be fixed. But then you have those stubborn of them who question scripture with politics. Such to confound a man but also know the wrong of their own place. The history explains such principle that law is universal and not just a set of ways to say to me profane the system.

It is to this degree of its natural high that one man should not have gone but even also others do not know what is defended or rather what to acknowledge anymore.
Boredom in society you ask? Well then if you lived that life or suffer it is to learn.

Grow to live to enjoy existence as though it is not Risk. You do not get more than one change to live regardless if one has a disaster. They will find death or heaven amusing as though imagined one or the other, but even a true man knows this that he is also put on caution.

The people I know or who are good did by the way suffer many or most weak of will, but had they not known much to a point of compassion principles over that of judgement, the people. They have no call the other of a man to say, I claim power over that willing to persecute kindness or any of it in the world.

A man has defended his name regardless if he had to change it.
A man has fought against corruption and most of society with testers are.
I had known the richness from the poor man.

I kept the words though may have trouble with verse in memory but it is in life real.
They had shown me that I am doubting myself and guess what... they are wrong.
Weak or strong, God's weakness is stronger than that of I or any man a strength.

Who could define God?
Who could define a devil?

Knowledge could not touch all.
If it did, it would not live the man.
As could also I would not live.

It would be better to naturally live.
But they cannot see as they are dust to me.
What is beyond me is that glory.

Though in the act one be blind, so must they all be.
In mind they claim more, in heart it is wicked.
Yet the Godly man could forgive even when he is wronged.

I know what in the past it was like for people to betray a man.
Tell me this of who is a grudge to me?
I knew not the man or people to relevance.

If such that i knew, wiser I would not be or in the character of my manner a fool.
Yet greater is that which rejected that beneficial indeed to the standards of own.
I did not say a man had to live each life, but one can observe this and see.

Who were they who knew everything?
Tell me why they could not give an answer valid.
Over that of its corruption, what separated me from them was all this.

One can read a book and cannot act its entire history.
History may happen but that does not mean to relive or have to live all.
They think I am nothing and so also let my glory decrease as God's increase.

No devil, no deity, no idol.
Life was given to us a choice.
What is the desire of many?

Although what they acknowledge most over that is their way and heart.
This is how long ago I could tell at times or at least compare myself.
A warning to those and others but not so as much but a promise.

Through much I had seen though I am no God.
I remain a defender of such people who were kind but taken advantage of by own.
So you make something and you break it, big deal not. No man knew of himself.

Understanding one's greed is not of his virtue or need and rather to take.
They who hacked my state know this that they will deny as each nation falls.
Do they not understand why? Because they would not support those in need.

Some could not but others had a choice.
Where as a man without excuse has an easy decision.
The mind of a disabled or condition of social and mind is not to be abused.

Even disapproved among its parent without reason valid to deny.
They make people my age or in this time monitored as criminals which they act.
Sick is the society on the streets to a point of where things are hidden.

Do not people walk in the day rather than the night?
Yet failure and knowing kids on the street is so stupid.
As I could not walk my own when I was little?

Shame as they made more rules on me as a kid, than those who knew not to live.
I regret not my life but where do people see satisfied in your boredom as I as well?
If such you were bored, find a purpose and meaning.

Mine is not to be in power like a mad man.
My is a life I never had a chance to live.
That is of unknown but surly it clings.

Rest the mind.
Settle the heart.
Be satisfied.

Many of that one cannot do over that which they long for.
Surely even a blind in perspective or sadness can see this if also I am to know.
They had taken what was once good and twisted its meaning.

I regret but I am not Christ incarnate.
Nor is one an angel, though they cannot see or feel and entertain unaware.
No devil was I or many.

Tormented we not knowing and but so of others...
We also were to define ourselves not beast or animal though people are.
One indeed is human and that I shall remain though one can see light to dark.

He is satisfied or at least many who could rest.
Now let that suffering pass less you convict your own heart.
As I also to be convicted, a soul is not worthy.

I may have failed in some aspects.
But there will be those who test and find themselves to fail worse.
I cannot say what manner if one does not understand English that my own speak.

What is a national man who knew not an origin of its own or where we even learned as others to define the root of our literature or its ethics. They repeat sadness to a point of where they could not act the truth.

Sadly they do not understand in plain language or have lost its ability.
By circumstances case in that matter is bad or good to an act of translation.
The intent of ones own words, is greater than a false motivation but brings hope.

Much of though Solomon one or others hopefully though wise but not try to live.
Greater I had seen of Christ which had helped me recover myself a new.
Knowledge did not compare to life and so be it that they keep on searching vainly.

My mind should not be woken up to be used for the people who had no heart but failed to realize it of others.

A student once cheated on a test my mother told me. And who indeed was affected was honestly at one man cheated and none told, ten classes also failed for the subject of this man an elder. Thankfully that was not me among those classes.
Yet indeed each one of us has dealt that due in time.

Name me one thought among any man though I see myself somewhat misunderstood; determine that of his dreams to a reality.

Manifest is not so to be acted upon or taken lightly though I would also know...
A soul is given its opportunity that which is life is with of mind over matter and a distinction of the two.

If one lives the other dies but better to say that both live as one and or same is the stability of what people cause and torment is nature to that of the man and that which is heavenly or below.

Reality stable including life, is not normal for those who claim it or else they be normal according not lived and so have also with defined normal in ill-act or manner.

My mind pings for the truth really or the sense, though society grew silent. I would even test my own words or act though I would fail. If such I see this realization that a man is perfect and in all ways then shall I acknowledge that man a heretic or devil, or much to be proven of ones own dignity.

Great is the lessons which life proved itself that a connection to some to believe first before it happens or is proven; but no case or many would make sense to define all. For that of the knowledge gained even in collection of documentaries and such abridged, they did not know as well as I being only a piece to explanation a persecuted mentality but piece of much that is missing, in unbelief or that for sight misunderstood to that of demolished. Indeed I say this to define that which Life could not though also with reason valid could not forgive over that of the truth and such merciful to understand with not one's own choice but conviction of others to the highest of that which is above and not to be called down or from below the disaster of much.

This information I give to you the reader, is of a mind that thinks rationally though one cannot live that of another. Do I need to take every step of a single man in order to live? I do not as such is that which no man can do.

He be in the same exact place, oppression, and circumstance at the sight of another man though each footprint and each sight given us is so not the same.

My Lord's thoughts are higher than my thoughts. And that is for me to acknowledge something knowledge is worth nothing over that of its principle.
You have heard great the logic, but I put it to the test of many though I be a man.

I will not judge to the point; if invalid the reason. No cause is to assume for ones mind alone. Words have been heard and so found true to that of lies of its manner opposing. But one must know that there is a balance and somewhere there is a man to be tried at his word and though he fails this man to act.

Indeed he succeeds in his reward. Higher is that of which does not desire that reward as much as it is the things which are sustainable though the truth and that of life to be kept in check over that of misery caused by his choice and others to purposely accept falseness.

I will repeat this not saying one applies this in this circumstance, but I will have to say again...

Man does not naturally hate though a heart is born wicked.
It is distinctive. But like I saw much of wrong which one hated.

A person or much can love first, hate action, and or learn to love and hopefully not hate, and live again from that which gave it a purpose and of it in matter existence.

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