Today was not that productive at all. I am feeling like the less activities you do during the day the better. If your hopping from one activity to the next you are not going to get far on the activity. My mind seems scattered all over the place. Probably need to make focus through drawing. Here is what I am going to do.
1. Quit playing WoW, play zOMG instead--> Listen to music, or lecture while playing. WoW has just turned into a grind, might as well grind on this site then on that.
2. Draw pictures to get back into focus
3. Read books to get more ideas for fiction story
4. Write Story
5. Research how to lose weight... Can't give up on this. If I weight less I will feel much better that is how I see it.
6. Maybe play sc2 instead of league of legends when I want a more challenging game.
7. Of course meet new people on Gaia. It is really fun chatting with everyone
8. Going to watch vampire knight, since it is getting pretty good