so I was contacting someone in Japan, an expert on the disease we're targeting, for drug development course, and she told me they're holding a symposium and we should come if we're interested

naturally I am all over this, and not just because it's in Japan around sakura season

neesama, however, wants to come with me and is totally in it for Japan.

(12:03:54 PM) ANEUESAMASUKI: xp symposium
(12:03:57 PM) ANEUESAMASUKI: it's only my greatest dream
(12:05:51 PM) DG: 8|
(12:05:56 PM) DG: you totally know what xp is too
(12:06:00 PM) ANEUESAMASUKI: oh yeah
(12:06:01 PM) ANEUESAMASUKI: my yume
(12:06:02 PM) DG: if you ggrks it's allllll windows
(12:06:17 PM) ANEUESAMASUKI: not surprised
(12:17:46 PM) DG: hauau
(12:17:54 PM) DG: it's okay you have ten months to learn all about windows xp
(12:18:17 PM) ANEUESAMASUKI: it's okay
(12:18:20 PM) ANEUESAMASUKI: I have a BS in computer science

the best part is it's true. :'D