Yesterday I started my first day on gaia. I came across gaia because I was bored between school work and work. I like it pretty well so far, a bunch of people have been really nice, and I even got my first gift.

I've been playing games to earn gold, but man is that tough, i'm not really used to these computer games. Also i found the gaia cash offers, but i don't really know what those do, so i let the videos run while i do other things. I hope i'll be able to make some fancy outfits because that seems like a lot of fun.

I guess this is a good a place as any to write a little about me off the computer.

Hi! I'm Nat! 15 year old girl who is Asian American and PROUD to be it too. My mom is a High school math teacher. Which would be more awkward for me, but we decided it was best if I was homeschooled and I'm okay with it. It leaves me with a lot of free time though since I get all my work done pretty quick.

When I get all my work done, I work with my dad, he runs his own restaurant and I clean the tables in the evenings when he is short handed. It's an easy way to make sure I get my allowance, and I think that's where i get my love of cooking and baking.

TODAY though, i found a cute pair of kittens in the rain while taking out some trash, so i brought them inside and wrapped them in a towel. TOO CUTE. I hope the mom comes back for them because i know we can't keep them, the poor things. i'll dry them, nurse them and give them back to mom cat no problem.