Name:Máv̱ro Astéri
Age: A few hundred years over 2000
Sex: Male
Weight: aprox. 150-180
Height: approx. 5 ft 10 in
-silver cross necklace
Weapon: steel staff with retractable spear heads
Race Demon
Biography: Out in the north of ancient Greece Mavro Asteri earned his freedom from the chains of a contract. The foolish mortal that tried to bind him to a weapon, believing he could become the fiercest warrior among his tribe. Mavro was tricky though, and used very complex illusions to trick the mage. Finally finding a loophole after many years, he slew his summoner and was free to roam earth as he pleased.

For a long time Mavro took pleasure in tormenting and tempting the new "Christians". This new religion was often under attack from thriving dark influences, and when the fall of Rome occurred there were many dark creatures returning. During the Dark ages Mavro lost his taste for corrupting men with faith. He found a women he simply had to have. At first he met her as a child, and watched the child. He played with her, gave her gifts, and showed her neat magic tricks. As she grew older people began to say she was a witch, because Mavro would do nasty things to those who weren't nice to her, or play tricks on the others. He wanted her, and would seduce and drive her into his arms.

Then she did the unthinkable to him. She became a priestess, and a strong woman of faith. Mavro tried very hard over the years to change her; corrupt her as he had to so many other holy men and women. This was not to be though. Just as persistently the girl he sought to corrupt wanted to cleanse him. She had grown very fond of her childhood friend, but would not be tempted by him. She wanted him to find peace and the glory of God.

In the end neither of them got what the wanted. Others found out about her consorting with Mavro, a demon. They wished to exorcise him, and bound him in the crypts of the church. The girl fought to protect him, which caused her to be prosecuted as well. She was trialed as a witch and for aiding the devils minions. Furious at this, Mavro did what he was good at and tricked the priests to let him out. Then proceeded to slaughter them.

He made it to the girl he loved as the flames rose around her and consumed her body. Oblivious to the fire raging around him he walked in and tried to save her, asking her one last time to make a contract with him to live forever... and she refused, deciding to go to her death and to God. Mavro took her necklace with the roaring fire turning his tears to steam and his love to ash. After he ran from the Christians he hid to heal his burnt and scarred body, then never again returned to society. Spending his immortal life in self-banishment.... Untill today... Mavro has returned, and is no wiser from his exile. Only a little more hungry...

Personality:Mavro is extremely independent and cocky. He doesn't like "charity" and when people help him he gets very hostile. Needing help is being weak, and he despises weakness. Despite that he enjoys the company of others very much; being surprisingly empathetic for a demon. He uses this to play tricks and cheat contracts very well.

Domain: Darkness
E'on Ability:

-Backlash: Mavro is sadistic and enjoys pain. For one post he can resist the pain of an attack (to a certain degree) and shrug it off like it was nothing. Normal damage still applies; the attack just doesn't faze him.

-Untouched: Allows the user to go through any object. However, the user can only concentrate on the one body part, mainly the hand, leaving the user vulnerable everywhere else. It is possible to make it so that their whole body can go through anything, however, they risk the danger of getting caught off guard and end up dead, weakened, other other means of mutilation.

-Rengen: In its own self, this E'on ability belongs to all elemental properties. It allows the user to use their own element to either heal one self or another. Mind you this is meant for minor wounds, to exceed to more gruesome injuries ends up weakening the user.

Strength: 4
Defense: 5
Speed: 4
Accuracy: 3
Stamina: 4
Intelligence: 4
Spirit: 6

Picture: User Image

Theme Song: I'm Alive~ Disturbed

User Name: Blood Born Angel
Character Name: Mavro Asteri
Level: 1

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