Been meaning to add this for a while, but due to the severe crappiness of the old comp's keyboard, I couldn't. Now that I have a borrowed laptop for the time being(No, I didn't kill the old comp. My laptop, Noct, died on me due to a cable being broken), I'll try to write in my journal more often if I think of things to write about. As for this entry, I made yet another character, this time inspired by Pandora Hearts!

Name: Alana Hallow

Family Afilition: The Hallows

Personality: A quiet and demure girl, she isn't afraid to speak her mind when necessary, though it usually gets her in trouble. A tomboy at heart, she refuses to dress in the usual lady's attire, which earns er the scorn of many around her. She enjoys pastries as much as the next person, but she secretly has a vice for chocolate that she tries to hide from others.

Skills: She is very good at the use of double knives and throwing them. She's also a pretty good hand-to-hand fighter.

I should be adding a picture of her soon to my deviantart...if I get to inking it at some point.