-runs his hand through his hair, somewhat absent-mindedly- Aah… I’m sorry my entries haven’t had some…format or topic. During the last week of April, I gave myself some time before I was busy again. Two weeks ago, I found these “animation shorts” on Youtube? I didn’t know how many there are. They were like movies for the busy or impatient people! |8o (I knew I don’t have time to indulge in anything that would take long.) I found “Up - Love Story” first but I never saw the film. It was so saddd!! Q - Q -hugs his dog- Antoinette cried with me~ ISN’T THAT RIGHT? -covers her nuzzle- HERE, A TISSUE~~ -BWUUU-

But before the animation shorts browsing started…

I personally like to keep the piano pieces I play or the modern songs I sing a secret unless someone would like to ask what they are. Of course, I do research! I have to find them first, to play/sing them for you, and that takes time, two whole evenings or a day and a half. Sometimes, it is important for a song or piano piece to be featured, for example for you to read the lyrics that relate to me, but it might not be worth the sacrifice.

Here are the song I thought it would be all right to show. There weren’t ideas enough to use them for something and keep them a secret.

Profile song. Am I a king or a jester? I am the king while the Hitachiin brothers are jesters.

Tigerish Eyez
Good idea if we were cosplaying a circus.
Sadly, our gaian wealth is low.
User Image

Only the best is good enough because our guests deserve the best.

Heh. I strive for (our) reality.

User Image

Before meeting me, you would be satisfied with the quality you usually received. It is like finding an amazing AMV. Knowing someone created something better is out there? You couldn’t bear missing it. You wouldn’t be truly satisfied after knowing it exists. AMVs are great. But there are some videos that fans will treasure, possibly worship, forever because they are too perfectly executed. It’s like giving someone something they didn’t know they wanted or needed. It’s not my job to find such merchandise, but I naturally accepted the responsibility of it to keep up with my image. I don’t know the moment I agreed to it. I accepted because what would it look like if I presented poor quality? It wouldn’t match and this would feel wrong. Of course, it is wrong! Give Haruhi a mansion and it’s awkward. Give him a rich man’s background, knowing culture, manners, and loneliness, and it doesn't fit. No, bad example, never mind. I was wrong. It is not opinion. It is justice. It is equality!

Breaking up?

User Image User Image

This, I thought, was sad. I thought she was breaking up with the guy. Then, hope!, I thought the girl was only moving away. Reminded me of someone. THEN I had an epiphany. Haruhi. -smiles, raising his index finger in his signature pose- Now, being in character is easy to determined. It has to be determined before you commit staying with a friend, like with Ranka-san, Honey-senpai, or Kyoya. For these people, you can’t replace them.

Their role gets updated, but the person is still the same. That core cannot be erased. That core is the real person. You can replace their role, by finding another copy of the person, but what can you replace the original with? Nothing! Once the original is gone, it’s like death for us. You cannot replace someone after they have passed away.

And if you want to replace them so they are still alive, that is slightly overdoing it;; I know grief, yearning, and mourning are powerful things, but, for one, the person wouldn’t want you depressed over them nor mentally instable. It is fine that the person is gone, remember the good times, but it’s a good thing that nothing can replace them. If something is eternal, would you know how to cherish it? Point is, they may have passed but the following is true – they live in their memory of them forever. That way, they are still alive because they always were alive. Ever since you met the person, you gave them true life.

-soft groan- If that didn’t make sense, all right. If you keep replacing roleplayer after roleplayer, their character stays the same, correct? If that person is “real” only their role gets replaced. There is only one ____ -twirls around and points- That is the way of the world! We are all unique~

Forget copies. They’re copies. They’re running around Gaia. -crosses arms, closing his eyes, considering- Technically, Kyoya should monitor them to make sure we don’t get mistaken for doing whatever they have done -turns around to walk away, holding his palms up in a shrug- But when you are this good, what do you have to worry about? 〜♪ I’m beautiful, talented, accomplished…

Ha ha, I was exaggerating. Copies of us will act like us so they won’t do anything troublesome.

Oh, yeah, the video! Sorry! User Image

IT WAS ANOTHER ONE OF MY BEST IDEAS. It came out of thin air. (When I pitch ideas to Kyoya, I’m not roleplaying)

The video made me think of Haruhi and how-
Oh, right! I forgot. I was beginning to explain something earlier. Being in character is in the early stage of host recruitment. There is the experience and, definitely, the group collaboration. See, Hatori-sama coordinates what we say and do and we’re harmonious together. In Gaia, we don’t have that. I think it vanished once we left Gaia’s airport. We don’t want to seem not like a group when we are a family! It is not right!

The video made me think of Haruhi and how my friends and I try to find her again and she stays. [<- pov: One Haruhi, no copies]

Being in character… I would- We would see that before committing, yes? And my daughter is being mean!! Leaving Daddy multiple times. -turns around to the wall- AAANH. I know how Misuzu-san feels!! -dries his tears with his handkerchief- The “problem” is… -starts over- If, when, and since “in character” criteria is met in the beginning, most of what we do is we keep an eye on Haruhi maintaining her presence. Haruhi used to not care about the club and was often late, skipped a few times User Image, but that was before the school festival.

The video made me smile.

…I-Is that strange? I mean, it’s a sad video and I said the opposite so certainly. -faintly smiles- But..It’s true. “Thank you.” I have the same point of view.

Because each Haruhi kept me company in the best way she could, the only way I would indirectly request of her. It may have ended terribly, but it doesn’t matter. The point is finding someone who stays.

*glances, again, at the video title he had been ignoring*

Tamaki cries a lot.

Hey! What the… Don’t just- What are you doing!? /// ;;

Did you see his reaction? LMAO* I’m not insulting you! We are each other~
I will still sound like him, but I feel ok enough to use third person on myself

I have never broken up with a girlfriend before. Tamaki hasn’t either. He hasn’t dated. He most likely will never break up with someone. For me, something always happens lol. I pick the wrong girls to trust my heart with. Rejecting is different than dumping. This is important to additionally address. We have all had to politely decline someone’s affections to make way for the person that does like our admirer. Mori-senpai, Tamaki, and I don’t like rejecting girls. Tamaki and I aren’t bad people because of the rejecting we hosts sometimes have to do. You know what kind of person I am. I’m proud of being someone who cheers people up. I like that about myself. I like making others happy and enjoy themselves. I like helping people. "Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give." - Eleanor Roosevelt. I already do.
User Image
Tamaki cries a lot but he’s not a crybaby. “Crybaby” might have been used by Hikaru and Kaoru once, but he’s not a real crybaby. A crybaby is hurt by every single thing and won’t stop crying. If I did that, my friends would get pissed more frequently. Kyoya and Hikaru knows I’m not like that in the first place. Sensitivity is all right but invulnerability is not, especially not for a natural-born leader and an Aries. I'm strong, open, and expressive. Tamaki cries but it’s over mild things or his sobbing is for comedy. As a result, you never think he is a weak person who can’t handle anything. Everyone bullies him and they could go too far, but overall, he can handle it. If his friends are always so nice to him, that's...strange.

I'm a guy and I'm merely sensitive. Sometimes hypersensitive, but it depends on what. If I want to cry User Imageover an ex, I will, but there is a quote I liked a long time ago. I can’t remember. “The person you are crying about? They aren’t crying over you.” : ) It was something like that but more coherent. I would only cry over an ex if I really liked her or if I had hoped for something. I usually put my heart into a relationship so even if I'm not hoping anything, I guess I am. In the middle part of my relationship history, it was sad but not enough to make me cry. I wasn't hoping for much.

So the video "Crybaby boyfriend" is a little like me but not really : D
Ok, a while ago, it would have been me 100% ahaha.

Reminded me of young Japanese businessmen, some of the students at our school.

Next video: I’ll laugh at anything and find anything amusing as long as it has taste, it’s not vulgar (I’m a gentleman), and as long as I’m not hurt by the joke (^O^)/ I saw two larvae videos before this one so I became accustomed to the unsightly things. I’m stubborn and I am the only person who can change my mind. So if someone showed me this, although I have an open mind, I wouldn’t feel very excited sweatdrop My advice: disregard the minor disgusting parts (they are larvae after all), glaze over them, and just watch. It’s worth it!

User ImageLarva cartoon 5

4:31: self-spotlight, so me!!

3:50 Bubblewrap!! Shima told me not to pop them because it’s for wrapping fragile things, like glass platters. She’s right. I was disappointed. Now I can’t play with it anymore unless we have spares.
[True story. I finally understand the bad side of popping bubblewrap after so many years. I was notified around a year ago. I know bubblewrap is used to wrap fragile objects. It was always left over, with no use, after a package was opened so I grew up thinking I can play with it. I never saw someone reuse it.]

User Image User Image

4:16 he went too far

User Image User Image User Image

If Hikaru or Ranka-san did this…

User Image
User Image
It’s like the time Ranka-san hung Kuma-chan on a fishing pole. That’s all he wrote. I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE HE PIERCED HIM WITH THE HOOK. Horrifying, right!!? -briefly looks up at the sky- Am I not the only person who thought that!? -glances down at reader- If you were in my place that day! A month or two prior, after I met Ranka-san, I told his mun that he can harass me all he likes, but there is a point where you can go too far and actually offend/wound/depress me, make me put on a corner of woe avatar, or not log in for two days. I have a high tolerance because it’s just for jokes. You guys bully me and I know it's not real. It's for laughs for our audience. Most of the time, it’s not real bullying. Sometimes, I do feel upset. I visibly show it. “-sniff-“ or “(TOT)/” or more than that…and nothing! No comfort! No mercy. No surrender? No ease? Lightening up the bullying and stopping works if someone will not comfort me, but no! Kyoya was once unmovable. -clenches fist, closing his eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks- It was so lonely! I had to fend for myself!

User Image

-swipes at his bangs- Heh, but Kyoya is right. There was no sense in comforting me like he does when I pass out (Lobelia episode or Bossa Nova-kun episode footage). He knows I will be all right moments later so he doesn't waste his energy or time. Truthfully, that is what happens. I was actually hurt, but since I don’t like feeling sad, it was over something minor, and the heartbreak wasn't too devastating, of course I got over it. …Ha ha, I wasn't kidding, those times when he ignored my pain, I didn't want that to happen and it hurt a bit. I coped (^O^)/

User Image 4:48, 4:56: With that light and what just happened, my depression, the red larva looks orange and reminded me of Hikaru when he apologizes. The red larva was evil in the beginning. gonk Hikaru isn’t evil. He has trapped my innocent Kuma-chan in a flower arrangement PRISON but that’s his usual bullying, mean but not malicious : D

10:48 Ah. Golf. Someone’s approaching.

User Image
User Image
11:05 Poor bug. I’m sorry for his situation. emotion_sweatdrop

User Image User Image

11:22 But… There are too many accidents!!!
User Image User Image

User Image

Death by laughter. Best way to go!
..Probably. I wouldn't want to die in the first place.

15:04 I like how it backfires like that. It’s completely expected and unexpected because you saw what he did seconds before. He had no choice, ha ha.

User Image User Image User Image User Image

It's interesting. I heard a fan speak about my impossible plans happening in our anime. I was surprised. I think this way in real life. From point A, I see my goal, point B, and from then on, I only see it while I'm passionately working towards it. I don't see what could go wrong because of my vision, and I don't mind. It's naive, it's dangerous, it's stupid, it's ignorant...but I like my determination. -lightly smirks- If I think nothing can stop me, nothing really can.

Larva Season 2 Full

25:48 angel kiss. I feel like I have seen this before somewhere. The girl is happy that she helped him live and she has no regrets…

User Image

25:30 too sad for me

User Image User Image User Image User Image

26:31 silliness [I approve!!]

User Image

33:44 [I overlooked the mushrooms that match me. Ignore them.]
This reminded me of Hikaru, Kaoru, Kyoya, and I. Silliness vs seriousness

User Image

34:53: See that faint smile? I thought of my best friend. After seeing that, I wondered if Kyoya would be sad seeing us have so much fun. But I know the answer mrgreen :;;

He’s that type of person. He wouldn’t feel left out or bored. But, you may not deny it, the red bug smiled. He likes watching his friends have fun! Hikaru, Kaoru, and I form the “idiot trio” in our series;; And Kyoya is content being not part of that for as long as he lives because it’s degrading and useless. He’s the sensible guy and telling three idiots to stop is enough explanation. Like me, Kyoya has his pride. He has an image to uphold. He has more pride than I do. He would see no point in it and it doesn’t give him any merits to act like that. I haven’t even included his family. OH haha! This is from talking to Kyoya in PMs. -cups his chin, looking up thoughtfully- He would say “How pretentious” of me “assuming” he needs to act like that to have maximum fun. I think. He would have to say it himself. I was making it up..

User Image

(Being a gentleman, I have a lot of pride. I have as much as Kyoya does but I'm able to be seen as a silly guy. It’s really embarrassing when my pride gets demolished and people laugh;; The things I do for my family. YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY. You guys owe me Q - Q 30% fee when you find and hand me back my pride, ok? Then we’ll all go out for nabe in the winter~)

30:23-30:25 and the sound at 30:26 scared me haha. Mysterious thin fog

Mysterious thin fog + night + ghost = Σ(QロQ)’l|l….
-can’t tolerate ghosts and ghost stories-

[It didn’t scare me. I praised “Good technique!”]
The thick fog in the second scare wasn’t fun……
I thought it was enough before the second ghost.

I’m sorry. This one is a little disgusting near the end.

User Image

And I thought it would be a happy ending. emotion_brofist

Greedy b*****d…

User Image

37:06 sword in pirate barrel

The sword doesn't go in!?

User Image User Image

What sorcery is this?

User Image

-tries again-

User Image

-attempt #4, tired-

User Image

......DAMN IT!! -too embarrassed-

User Image

Thanks. I'm glad you're having fun at my expense. -sad, genuine-

User Image User Image


User Image User Image

-after imagining, he tries again-

User Image User Image User Image

Daddy will retire. The game is mean to me.

User Image User Image User Image

User Image

Why do I keep losing!? Fix the pirate, you unfair rigger!

User Image User Image

Hmph. I don't think anyone understands.

User Image

Do you really know what it is like to lose everything you have
like a commoner who is forced to use toothpicks as forks?!!?!

User Image

-given no "credit"-
Why aren’t I respected…?

User Image User Image

40:00 table tennis

User Image

Returning to my tearful question, using my helicopter and height for emphasis, I was asking for an answer. Do you really know what it's like to lose? Lucky for all of my friends and our audience, out of character, I easily get into win-lose arguments and lose. I don't try to make this happen. It does. It feels hopeless, in a positive way, and embarrassing 8D I don't mind pranks, because the minimum is my sons unleash them every Halloween, but I don't like being so humiliated. My ego, my masculinity, my pride, my image, my respect, my intelligence... -vaguely amused as he stares unhappily, realizing- You guys do what you want... (;¬д¬)

Before the Sunrise reminds me of the Sea Prince and the Fire Child
Racoon ninja
Kung Fu LoveOur Lives
Crayon Dragon
The Guardian