User ImageThere are 30 pages in a chapter.
You can easily finish this in a day, in less than an hour,
in less than thirty minutes if you're not occupied.

5-10 chapters in 4 days
...or in a week.

The manga, after the anime, starts at Ch 38.
The manga isn't different from the anime.
But it's the original and it explores what the anime could never
because the anime is cut off and finished.
The manga offers more and it contains our original personalities.

maximum speed 10 chapters/week
40 chapters in 4 weeks, a month.
83-38 = 45 chapters
You can finish our series within three months if you have to take that long. You could finish it in a month or two.

It's unimportant that you know the ending.
What is important is this. The plot.
What happens. The progress. The events!

Kyoya and I have to watch our mouths.

When I asked him if his friend (mun) finished our series, he said yes.
I was so relieved because I could tell him anything now!
He would know what time, event, and person I'm talking about. There was no limit.

There is freedom.

User Image

I can tell him anything, nothing will be spoilers, and we can discuss everything.
His friend may not remember some time, but at least he knows and his friend may reread.
It's not the ending we're concerned about, but the events.
Kyoya's mun was impressed with me when Honey-senpai mentioned a chapter number. I couldn't recall much but I said _____ and I was right. Disappointed at the blank? I'm sorry. I can't do anything to help.

We don't simply watch our mouths.

"Our time"? I didn't want to put "Age and..." as a confusing title. Let me give you an example on our time. Haruhi doesn't own a laptop. Not until you're quite into our series. Haruhi could never have a Gaia. Haruhi can never log on here. She has a cell phone but I doubt Ranka-san would like to pay her bill if she's on the internet as well as texting. Besides, Haruhi wouldn't be interested in that anyway. She doesn't talk much, she doesn't play games, she doesn't need the internet. She's happy with books. Traditional studying.

We roleplay our high school selves. It is the only way we know what we know. We cannot be the same age yet know the present, the very near future, the near future, and the future!

We don't simply watch our mouths; we restrain ourselves.
Kyoya and I had this problem ever since...a long time ago. November 2012.
Something similar is mentioned in the private "will reveal in 2016", I believe, journal entry.
It's not time yet so I can't show you, but just knowing "we restrain ourselves" is really enough User Image That's all I wanted to say.

I asked for his permission to reveal something. I like surprising my guests. I personally think it's really no fun if we reveal something but....if our guests aren't even involved in it, I thought it might be fine. As long as their excitement dies down and they don't expect a performance soon.

If our guests will be merely watching, I didn't want to say anything. They are involved a little. However, "I'm busy" doesn't work. You don't understand our schedule though. You don't live as us. You don't know what we have to do, the details of that, how much time it takes to organize everything, everyone, debrief everyone, then put it together, try to put it together, collaborate, fix things, and smoothly finish before displaying it. A plan makes no sense until you experience it as a host, which isn't allowed. We're all really happy our valued customers are so patient. We're only seven men. We can only do so much while we're busy as well.

So, here. I shall reveal! In our guild, we have two roleplays. I had planned to make them there, then copy and paste them in Forums when we're done so if we're busy later, we only need to transfer.

ep 24 reenactment
ep 20 reenactment (coordination training with the twins)

They have been on hold since March. Our last term finished. Kyoya, the senpais, Haruhi, and I have all become busy. Second midterms are coming soon for all of May. Third midterms in June and finals in July. Then we have summer break starting the end of July. I keep my promises. Otherwise, I wouldn't make them. And although I promised to fix my journal and edit 2000 images so that I can move forward with that done and I can leave it, it's better for me if I postpone it to a time where I have no homework. I might visit Misuzu's pension this summer, but at least I don't have to study. I'm the second rank in my class. Jonouchi-san, the girl beside Kyoya when I first met them in middle school, used to be second after Kyoya. So between the small space between those two, I'm always after Kyoya. If no one minds, I would like to spend the next two months concentrating sweatdrop You know that I always had to remember about my life on gaia and what I still had to do. I did that for the past two-three years. Even when, for the last year, I told everyone I would concentrate, I didn't fully strip gaia from my mind because I couldn't leave you. I couldn't cause that sadness. I couldn't bear it. Two years of too much of this and I mean it. I've been okay with the last two years, though it caused some trouble, not so okay with this last year, but from this point on, it would be too much of a risk to sacrifice anything more. I can't think about gaia at all or I will be distracted. -bows- If you don't mind, excuse me.

I hope to finish things in August before the second term (Sept). A month is not a lot of time but it's better to finish it now than to finish it later.

My friend wants to take driving lessons in July and I get to watch. -rich, doesn't need to drive- I'm really excited for that!

Kyoya and I are going to make a timeline of the events for our use. He hasn't started. I'm really looking forward to it. I love being in control and knowing what I am doing so making a timeline will be so much fun. It's not that hard whee When we come across difficulties, it's exciting straightening them out in a way no other person can because no one else has thought about making a timeline, yes? It's pretty easy, but it takes time. I found the "Now or never" video by chance but I'm really happy I did! It's surprisingly relevant.

I'm sorry I sound so plain. I'm a little tired. -chuckles-

-smiles- I wish you knew exactly what we do. You would understand us better.