I'm growing a little bored from the lack of friends I have who are interested in things like anime and manga. I have a few close friends who share my interests but I've been hoping to connect with others.

I'm not sure why I'm keeping a journal. Really, I just like writing. A lot. So typing out thoughts and feelings is a great way for me to express myself and hone into my creative outlet.

One of my favorite things to do is to create stories. I also like drawing out quick character sketches for the ideas I come up with. Whether I'm creating ideas based off of manga/anime or making my own original stories my mind never seems to halt in its creative process.

Humorously, for being as creative I am, I'm really bad at expressing myself in words. I can of course speak my mind, but I get frozen when forced to come up with stuff on the spot, unless I have a keyboard in front of me of course.

Apparently my first journal is a little tidbit about me. Until next time whee