And so my story as a Breeder begins. Where I explore all regions of the Pokemon world. Where I love, cherish and fight for my Pokemon.

Day 1 - Today my journey started. I got my first egg from the Lab of Professor Cypress, and then went and got some more from the Shelter. They had a lot of them, and had not the hands to make them all hatch. My first hatching was from one of those eggs, it was adorable. The egg was white, with blue and red triangles, and out come a Pokemon. Alive and well. More soon followed.

Happy and flush with success I decided it was time to leave the home I had never left before an go Exploring.
I went to the guild in town and decided on a quest I would undertake. Beach-side Treasure. It said I was to help other Breeders by giving their Eggs some attention. I did so, and was rewarded by those same Breeders helping me out. The sense of community I got from this was breathtaking.

The second task is giving me a little more problem, and I suppose I had gotten a bit hasty. I had forgotten the patience needed in being a successful Breeder. It was a good reminder.
I am to hatch a water Pokemon and raise it to level 10, which might take a while. My first Pokemon, Mr. Tofu had only reached level 6. But I am sure it will happen. With Patience, Love, and sometimes being just a little tough.

Wish me Luck,

Day 2 - I did it! I hatched a Psyduck, and I leveled it to level 10 in what feels to be record time. The Poké Walker helped a lot. It allowed me to cross the water and come across a cave. I found a very hurt, burned Pokemon there, a Corsola. I gave it a Berry, but one was not enough and I hadn't anymore of them. Luckily some other Breeders helped out. This was very kind of them. When she was all better, she showed me into the cave. A very scary Pokemon was in it, although I barely saw it at all. It was HUGE. I'm not going back there for a long time.

The Corsola gave me a pretty pearl for helping her. I will hold on to it, and the great memories that go with it.
She's gone back into the wild now. I wish her the best.

Wish me luck,