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One sad story
Been a while...but i feel like i have to write this down somewhere so in the future, i never forget what happened here. Future me, if this some how worked out in the future, ill be surprised. 5 years from now when I'm married...i wonder who its going to be with...but for now lets start this story off. (and yes...the story I'm telling is a sad love story...but this one is pretty interesting) ((hopefully))

I hope that this story will serve as a last will to two friends. Two people that could have been together, though sadly they could not be. I hope that these people are alive and well today, though i can only tell anyone who reads this that only the man is alive and well for sure. Keep in mind that these people had a good, long relationship, and that they were best of friends. All they really had was each other.

On april 7th, 2013 two friends were skyping...the girl starts out by saying that she was not a virgin any more, the guy makes a joke about it. He thought she was kidding, as usual. Later that night she told him that she had a boy friend, and that she was in love, to this day he does not think its the truth, but more on that later. A few days later, they met, she admitted that she really did loose her virginity to him. It did not bother him in the least, he told her he loved her, that she could not possibly love a guy that she had met only once, and slept with him. He had a mountain of reason for her to end things with him. He could even help the person that slept with her out in his life, help him get a job...loose weight...be friends with him. He explained to her that girlfriends don't solve anything...and they don't make his dying parents come back to life either. The man she had slept with...did not have a very good life...and he figured that the reason was with him was out of pity...not love. He told her he would do everything in his power to get her through this...and told her not to sleep with him again..."you know...because condoms work all the time every time right?" haha....

Days later she was to come over, it was to be over then...but she did not come over the first night she was to be at his house, nor did she come the second. Later he found out through her sister that she had went to his house...and she had slept with him again. He was heartbroken for the second time now, and did not know what to do. Days later he heard from her, she asked if she wanted to come over, and he let her. They talked, and she said she tried to get him over to his house, but he wouldn't budge. "What man doesn't have the courage to fight for the woman he loves?!" he said. She had no answer. She would also not stop seeing him.

Eventually apathy grew, and the love that was once strong enough to take a bullet for this women, grew weak and died. A week past before he talked to her, simple conversations. Eventually she just said goodbye and hung up abruptly. He texted her and asked "Anything wrong?" she told him that she "Wanted to hang out again", and that he was "always busy" and never wanted to hang out with her. Though it pained him, he invited her over. When the texted him back, the only thing the text red was "No :3"

He was confused...he thought that she was happy...and he had moved on. To this day he had not gotten a text from her. He texted her several times...but she had not replied. Its May 6th, about to be May 7th in 2 hours, a month before this whole ordeal began. Was she toying with him the whole time? She said to him as he held her that she "loved" him...or was that a word she liked to throw around. Its been a while since hes heard anything from her, so i have decided to put an end to this sad story here. My friend is 19, and he has a very promising future ahead of him. I pray that he will move on, and forget about this women. She is not worth his time, and he needs to stop being so charitable.

In conclusion, it may be sad but the two friends that had so much promise are now dead and burred. Her innocence, and his love for her, both victims. He has no regrets, and he has confidence that that he will find the one for him someday. He hopes that his friend is doing alright, and that she is happy.

The end.

(P.S. if anything else happens...ill write about it...but for now this remains a sad story)

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