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Case 1. Lost friends.
one day i met a friend. we will call him 45.
Every time i fined a new friend i Leev them a comment.
if i don't see an "add comment" Link i use this code. ?mode=addcomment
add it at the end of a profile address.

Some time after, ( i don't know how Long )
i got a reply from 45, it sed.
" i need some one to help and i have no one els to turn to, if u can help reply but i will be in town #
At some point we met to chat. i did know his name but the profile was so bLank and pLane. 45 sed he was hacked. Hacker changed his name but he changed it back. His friends List was deleted and his account was messed up but every thing was still there. ie items i sed " u need to change your name and password now ! "
45 : " i changed my pass, so i should be fine "
me : " no if u keep the same name u risk this guy fineding u, i bet the hacker was some one on your friends List, and he removed your friends to hide "
45 : " But i have no friends and i need to fined some of my old friends, it has been a bad week. "
me : " keep the same name but add a # after it, put in your status, name change, make up a random password and take both down, but if u are not alone right it in code, Last don't use the same password u started gaia with.
45 : " ok but can u help me do this, i see y i should "
so i walked him over it. Then we had to some how report this, but we did not have much info. So i did a question forum.
" My friend was hacked, his account was all messed up but no items are gone,
his friends where deleted, can he get them back? This is not the first time he was hacked, we need some thing to help stop this. "
Because of that forum, some one sent me the hack report Link.
hack report
Next i asked 45 to fill out the report and put " i don't know " so u don't Leev any thing bLank, give as much info as u can.
He did the report but it was not much help.
i sed, just fix your profile, Let me know y u need friends so bad / fast. And i / we can do a forum about u to help people u know fined u.
45 : "it is just my best friend was killed this week and i feel so bad, Like the guy was aming at me"
Me : " Like a gun, OMG, hope they get the guy that did it "
45 : " me to " Me : " Get as much info as u can and post it onLine, just don't Let them know u made the post "
45 : " i should, it will help me feel better, thenks. " ......
After this he asked for my help again because one of his friends was hacked.
i sent her the forum but with no reply i never did fined out how she did or add her.
The end.

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