The wind against her cheeks, the sound of rain pattering on the windshield, the look of a wrinkled bedsheet, the beat of songs that she had long forgotten. It held meaning again, the things that she had said and had done and had been, it all came back in a whirlwind of color and feeling and emotion. She don't want the world. She just wants to feel again, to know what she had known to be real, to know what it feels like to live again. But its okay, she don't want the world. The feel of cold metal between her thighs, pulling at the fragile skin, leaving bruises that make her smile. How she missed her dancing, to spin and twirl and feel every beat of the music that she gave herself to. She don't want the world.

Everything that had made her who she was was thrown out, like it wasn't real, like it never existed. The click of high heels, the smell of polish burning her nose, the feel of lotion on soft skin, the time and effort that had kept her so thin. But its okay, she don't want the world. And every night when she lays down to go to bed, she tells herself another lie just to continue getting by. Realize that she can no longer live this lie, but she will be okay. She don't want the world.

And as she closes her eyes, falls into a place where everything is all okay. Where she can be the person that she wasn't yesterday, she sees the vision of all that she wants to be, perfect in his eyes, a person that isn't quite so much a horrid lie. The night drags on so cold, she whispers things like 'Cinnamon' to ease her haunted mind, disgusts herself everytime she thinks of what he has done, thrown out the person that had once been so strong. And then she smiles, knowing that she don't want the world.

And as the morning comes, sunshine peeking in on the sleeping woman. She finds herself awake and alone in a bed that seems to cold. She wants to run away, fall back to sleep to where the dreams are all she wants to be, to return to a place where she is allowed to dance free, to wear the things that make her feel so utmost fancy, to be the person that makes her feel so damn alive. She closes her eyes tight, remembers the face that she had seen in the night, finds the perfection of herself within the reflection of his eyes, and she smiles. She don't want the world....