Swallow hard, resist the urge, realize that somehow it isn't right. Don't complain, can't complain, she opens her mouth and finds nothing to say. She wouldn't dare to admit her feelings, no to soon, to quick, she is just being crazy. Music fades to a static noise, she can see through it all, see straight to what is really going on, and she can't deny it. It excites her just a little bit. She falls into this feeling, being pushed to the edge, finally she is no longer just existing.

She stops to stare, feeling out of place for a brief moment. Stunned. She doesn't understand what happened, it all kind of stopped, and she couldn't make it come back. The gentle sound of the clock ticking, the haunting, chasing sound of her sadness - it was searching for her. There was nothing like a good chase, but perhaps that is where it went wrong? Had she given up to easily? Given in to the desperate need to feel so alive that she hadn't waited it out properly? Panic filled her mind and she watched as the few shadows came alive, chasing off her happiness, pushing her back into a dormant phase. Just existing.

Swallow hard again, find some kind of words, wish she had done it differently. She felt her chest ache for a moment, realize there was nothing that she could do now. It was simply too late. Lips parted to allow a breathe to escape, a rush of air that had gone stagnant within her lungs. Crazy curls shook violently as she pushed it all away. It was too late. There was nothing that she could do now. Just accept it and hope for the best. With heartstrings in tact, she confirms and comforts her mind, knowing all will be as it should in the end and that she would be okay. No matter what happened.... she had to be okay.

Music fades back, reality steps in, a smile found her plush lips, pulling the corners into a confident smile. Sure, she would do it different next time but for now, it was just another day and she just had to keep moving and remember.... Never regret what once made you smile. Never.