its 330am, I just woke up from this dream, the following short story takes place some place in my subconscious, this is based on a true story I just made up.

if somethign has this signs "--- --- * " its means I m adapting from dream to write, I ll explain what is been change in the story or side noted.

I was part of a crew of in this reality show, One of the dirtbags from Jersey Store, was in it, In there was also this young gay kid, maybe just out of highschool probaly in college or mid way college, younger then me that`s for sure, Said he had run away from his family cause of his homosexuality. It had been years since he had see them in person. Obviously being part of the crew I wasnt allow to interact on anything that took place at the moment,* Soon after Vinny* decides to help him reunite with his parents,. Cut to the scene outside his house where he grew up. cut to scene indoors,
you could see a dark hand gripping a belt with anger looking into a light door leading outside. Back outside, signs of coming seasons outside the place, outside the door inside the gate was a lady waiting for our arrival with a choke up face, full of emotion. Shane, --will be the name I give this nameless gay kid of my dream. mainly for writing purposes-- Shane hugs his mom its a very emotional moment and you see they are happy to see each other, then his dad comes out from the tresshold of the door, a belt is gone from his hand in a moment as he sees all of us around this moment. He takes Shane indoors not wanting to be seen by us, his mom excuses herself and follows, "Should we go to back him up." Vinny asked, I nod and seems like thats the general feeling around, Soon were indoors the Dad has gotten Shane pin against the wall yelling at him and smacking him in order for him to look at his dad in the eyes. The mom tries to pull him away and hits his arm with a pan from the kitchen, Vinny tries to separate him physically then the mom gets a knife and threatens him then tosses the knife away to go back to the frying pan, to hit him on the head the arm, this to release the kid, Vinny goes back to try and pulling him away, threat with the knife and he just gets showed, No words get to the man, his sweating and yelling slurs and talking out of his ass, but such anger hasnt stop this middle age dirtbag, Vinny its a strong dude in his mid 20s and doesn't seem to be able to make him move and he keeps talking to the guy to punch him finally as the kid is turning blue, from the hold on his neck, Where was that knife its needed now..I thought, The mom finally cuts the guy on the arm and he just punches her and then Vinny punches the dude again and again, just to have his face cut in the mouth, by the knife of the wife once more, this time it was the mom who actually cut him.

Finally this makes him snap away.from the kid and realizes whats going on, he stars to talk, "So this is how it goes, you sh*t" and keeps talking about how much of a disgrace to the uniform this place is, He seems to finally have a cool head to talk to Vinny and ends up fighting him, Vinny is almost dying so he stars to cut him with the same knife, the guy doesnt care, Vinny is getting bled on by the dad`s blood all on his arms, and the punches his getting. Viny has him pin on the floor Finally he stops and say to Vinny, "jokes on you I have hepatitis C" he has this smug laugh about the whole incident and Vinny is like "Nercopitits, I have it" he smiles at him standing him up getting it ready for the cameras and the cops that may be coming after the whole thing happen, but instead the dude just has a smile and injects him with a syringe, I could hear a squealing from the plunger going into vinny and finally he goes down. Almost like the thing had nothing but some air and pockets of bubbles inside, The whole thing stops, Just to have the dude talking into the camera like a blog, saying how the uniform was to be respected, going on about some sorta of hate rant, dwabling on a psychosis with idolatry for the military rant. The mom, Vinny are now tied on this bomb bunker like place. No signs of the kid. couple of Xmas lights are the only thing close to light left on for them as they are been held on the back by this asshole as he continues to rant.

--last part of the dream,

Cut to a place in the open, Im among military people and civilians, Its like a makeshift court, feels like a concert, wedding or something since its a place full of flexible chairs for both the military and civilians to sit while there is a stage with a couple of tables and a chair for a person to give his testimony. I was walking among the whole thing, I could see, the different branch of uniforms all sit on one block each of chairs then was a whole block of civilians, and more military of another branch or other army on the other block, it went Civie, Uniform, Civie, Uniform, The dad comes in a wheel chair, seems to not needed but order for the doctor, He comes to give alittle talk of how the uniform was his life, how he hates that some people in his house have disgrace it. The people keep quiet but they then hear one of the big guys on the stage ask "Why did you call for this "martial*" Court" Then he gives his little power point presentation a moment to explain himself, "I called this Martial* court, cause one of the #%##$* its a civilian," the court stars to have some people whispering, obviously surprise. "infact another was also a civilian, disgracing my uniform, most of em where" now the public and the big authority figures are looking at the guy with not good eyes by now but let him continue. "since they both are not part of the organisation I hope the organization, can for now look the other way on the sactions as this breach is beyond blah blah blah." --- I could not listen to what he said over some of the crowd speak as I was following the action, from the crowd to the top of the stage and back to the crowd and behind it, People star to question the morality of this court as the guy had stated that some times it had look the other way. It was obvious this guy was now not getting the "fair" trial he wished, all of the sudden in this makeshift court of sorts, stars to get question tossed at the guy who seemed somewhat please to answer not knowing his just making his hanger knot tighter, Then comes this question as some people from the crowd jump on stage to question him, it was like the prosecution team, and then I hear a voice Im familiar with, some rockstar* who was now on the veteran side of the block of uniforms, They were civilian clothed but on the veteran side, I follow him up and I teld him, I was a witness to what the dirt bag did and possible murder witness, the dude goes up on stage, The rockstar star to question the dude face to face he seemed intimidated, As the question this rockstar seem more smart and with the tip of me been a witness he knew what to ask. He seems cornered and now I come out, "remember me, I was there when the whole thing went down, " I see sweat in his brow, Some quiet anger as his probably wanting to spit in my face, he was soo angry to look at me, I could almost hear him cuss out my name, They say they had a witness and....sadly,

Sadly, this is where I wake up.


*interact with anything at the moment*: Its a dream, Sometimes I see things happening above my control, I just see things like a movie, I could be part of the crew, It could of just been me with a camera.

* Jersey Store- Vinny* This is a random Jersey Shore dude, He was also a reality Tv star, The character here is a random MTV star helping this kid out, as the dream progresses however the dirtbag look of this character changes, however for consistency I did not change it, SPOILERS>> In the dream he goes from Guido, to tough Bro almost rambo with all the blood , to a change of clothing more of a casual look as his out cold and tied.

Martial* The word could of be martial court, or courtmartial or something else, It was obvious not the type of court room one is used to, the rules may of been different as well, Im saying that his form of military body, had this set of rules and probably a special branch of a court or process in wich they investigated or dealt with crimes. Again just a dream, Im not all that here now.

#@^#&^ He did not cuss out, he used another word I cant quite remember, like something to identify the criminal. he acutally used this word to describe both people that fault him.

Rockstar* It was Corey Taylor, f*ck you all, my dream, deal with it. cool