It's been centuries since I've decided to keep one. I had to be a young girl. I remember losing it somewhere. I looked for it for a small while, but other things took my attention.

If I can get lucky, I won't lose this either.

I, almost, had to ask what goes in one of these.

My name is Estelle Dawn. I control light, mainly giving it. I can take it with enough energy. How do I have this power? I was chosen by the Man in the Moon to watch the children of this world. I stand for achievement.

You know that bright star you see in the sky? The one you make your wishes on? That's me.

When you set a goal and complete it, you give me strength.

...This is all I feel like putting in tonight. I can hear the Fearlings actively move around this town. To watch over someone comes in many ways. I'm not one to sit back and let the darkness spread.

Until another evening...