A whisper of a melody,
a lovely little thing.
A tender touch upon my mind,
the feel is.. almost sad.

The halting notes,
the softest thoughts,
ensnare me whilst I pause..
Tis a beauty like none other.

But oh, the longer I listen,
the more I hear,
the somber tones swell,
and lilting notes linger.

This song continues,
my spirit begins to ache.
What creature is so broken and lost,
to loose this intangible
and hopeless voice?

This voice of love and loss..
of dreams and shackles.
Deep inside is fluttering as a captured bird
Broken wings with a heart of longing

My very soul aches unbearably,
it tugs at the confines of my mortal shell.
I'm so hollow inside,
and tears run down my cheeks.
I cannot breathe.

My heart quivers with this broken lingering wail,
these tendrils of song that intwine my spirit.
Stop these immortal notes, I cannot bear it
you're tearing me apart.

This song from inside tells what words cannot say
and touches truer than can be realized.
Emotion so full and strong I cannot withstand it
Helpless in its beauty.

Surpassing dreams..
Surpassing humanity..

Let me shed my fetters of the body,
and allow my spirit to meld
with the undying lullaby of heartache.