the night was black as it always was. the flickering star light the only life out side this moving earth. the dim light from the bulbs flickered on and off reflecting off his grey skin.
“when will they be silenced?”
he asked with a grimace.
the explosions down the hall made him grit his teeth. the anger welled up in him like a spring.

the munitions had run out along time ago, threw what had seemed like countless battles over the last few years. both sides turning to primitive weapons in sheer desperation.
his head snapped to one side in response to the steel door being flung off its hinges. the muscles in his arm tightened like fine honed cords, and his teeth clenched.
the dust from dead skin and who knows what else was now settling on the floor, there was nothing to be seen threw the yawning blackness.
the silence was like a alarm after the big bang of the metal door which now lay on the floor bent and almost unrecognizable.

the men around Rex began to inch forward toward the darkness, they knew the tactics of their people, they knew how to defend against it, but these tactics were not of any dark elf.

Rex knew, and he waited, waited for the inevitable. he waited for the screams.

this was no dark elf in which they faced it was something more, a beast from the abyss, summoned by those who wished to see chaos in its entirety... the priests of the Apocalypse.
the priest were an old order, not considered a threat not until after the world of Elfgia was destroyed.
the high elves told them of the destruction of the world from a alien entity, they did not believe until the fire appeared in the sky and the dark ones came from the abyss. creatures so vile they defy description.
on that day the remaining forces and civilians fled their home world and colonized a runaway meteor.
"no one there, I cant see anything, no body heat." said one of the elves.
shaking head "you fool do you think one of the priests would come themselves...this is no elf, its a shadow fiend, no heat just spectral energy." said Rex then he spat on the floor and adjusting his eye patch.
just at that moment and almost like on cue a shadowy hand pierced threw one of the elves chest, blood exploding out like water out of a wails blow hole.

the screams did little to him, by now he was little more than a killing machine... an animated sword of destruction. the thoughts in his head were not that of horror but that of pure non shallot day to day durum type thinking.
he though of where he had put his card key to his room, all the wile his fellow elves were being torn to shreds. the skull that covered his eye began to glow from the energy emitted underneath it.
this was no ordinary eye so it seemed, but a eye honed and in fact only seeing into the darkness of the abyss.
a thud came from the blackness that encompassed the room as his mace hit something substantial.
came the hollow voice from within.
tapping on his skull eye patch he declared.
" I can see you and my mace hungers for your sole"
a smile cracked his lips as he saw the pitiful sight of the shadow beings true form cowering.
then with one swoop he splattered a bile green fluid across the room.his mace glowed a reddish Hugh and Rex walked away, not triumphant, but somber.
his ability's grew but at a cost, a cost of his mortality.
he was slowly becoming a demi god, and once dead would have to be reborn but with less and less compassion toward his fellow elf.
this disturbed him the most other than being reborn and remembering all that he had done in this life and the following to come.
the god Kelinlul ( the dark elf god of justice) gave him the mace and place his sight in the abyss for the price of becoming his son.
the price seemed fair until the full realization of being a supreme beings son sunk in, and the full tally of having an unusually long life span (for a dark elf) combined with the nature of things he must do intern came into play... lets just say made him not a very happy camper.
than as though to answer a question in his head all went black...
he was descending toward the ground???
"how can this be?" he said aloud as though expecting to hear a voice answer him back.
nothing, only the whispering air in his hear singing a song of doom.
he knew death was coming, this time for him.
still there was no feeling... nothing.
then like a a stone on water he skipped off the ground.

pain only pain filled him now as he felt bone break and he saw his body being flung about on the ground.
the mace glowed a vile red this was his curse he thought to himself as he became more substantial.
feed the mace stay alive never die, never live.
recognizing the terrain Rex realized that this was the place of his childhood story's told to him by his father and mother... the planet of gaia.
now to find and protect his people and to find out how the heck he got here.